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Have you ever done something simply because it was "the right thing to do," even if you didn't really want to? What happened?

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Here's what other kids had to say:

yeah i once helped this little kid that was in kindergarten and when andera and trinity made her cry i gave her a lot of hugs. and another time my friend got bullied so i helped her with the report she had to send in

I remember when my friend was getting picked on by a bunch of boys. I told them to get lost and to leave him alone and I took him somewhere away from those big jerks!

One time, my class was in the cafeteria and one of the "lunch ladies" had to turn the lights off bc the cafeteria was getting too loud. We're not aloud to talk while the lights are off, but my friends and I were quietly having a conversation and the lunch ladies caught my friends talking, but they didn't catch me. My friends got a mark on the clipboard, but I didn't. Even so, I went up to the lunch lady and told her that I had been talking w/ my friends. She didn't put me on the clipboard, but she was proud of me for doing the right thing.

i gave away my smaller clothing to donation. I really liked my clothes even if they were small and i could give them to my 2 younger sisters 9who took all my small clothes) or my cousin. But i did it, beacuse many people were in need.I also gave away a thousand dollars to donation for kids in cancer. Then i get 100 dollars. Go karma!!

EMOTIONS!!!!!!! wowsers... mi bby cuzzo was crying nd i was trying 2 figure out wat was wrng wit her.. at dat moment her emotions were taking over her.. bt its ok 2 cry,, wen u show ur emotions ur letting out every thng dat was n u dats hw i feel bout emotions

Yes, I told my mom I would babysit my little brother on the weekend. Then my friend called and said there was a pool party at her house. I really wanted to go but explained to her that I had promised to watch my brother. She understood and when I told my mom about it, she let me go and found another sitter for my brither. SO in the end, doing the right thing, is the best thing!

All the time!! I think of it very simply, if you don't do the right thing it is now the wrong thing. That may sound really stupid but that way I can't change it and say it is not really wrong. It is just wrong. Again may sound stupid but it works for me!

Yes many times. I collect movies and every Tuesday new ones come out and if its one(s) I have been wanting for I will go and buy them. Sometimes my brother does not come and I buy him something with my own money because I don't think its fair that if I get a movie(s) he should get something as well so I do that quite often and he really loves it. I buy stuff the two of us can watch together. :)

This little boy was crying cause no one would be his friend (he is very rude,mean,and bullies) but i tried to make him feel better even though he kicked me in the shine about a thousand times. then we became friends.

I've done little things like that, but nothing that really made a difference. I just wanted to say that the boy was so sweet for giving up the ball so the other kid wouldn't be upset! That's like the sweetest thing I've heard all day! :D

I wanted this to happen, but I donated my allowance to a local horse-rescue place, to help the horses. There's this 1 horse named Phoenix, who's going through a difficult time right now, so I just decided to donate my allowance that I had saved up (as of that moment)

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