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Have you ever done something simply because it was "the right thing to do," even if you didn't really want to? What happened?

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If I make ONE mistake my mom of my abnoxious neighbor Rachel (not real name) will catch and torture me about so I do What I think is "good".

Once I lied to my mom's friend that my "friend" did not sneak some snacks. But she really did. Iended up feeling really,really,really, bad. Lieing is really wrong. I should of told the truth.

No not yet anyways!

Yes I have stood up for what people call a dork and it could have cost me my popularity but I did it anyway because it was the right thing to do!

yes i have even though i really didn't want to

I told my mom about a crush and she embarrassed me to death

I told 'Jonnie and Max' (not real names) not to touch 'Maxiee'(not real name) not to touch her hat anyways. It was the right thing to do, but I still feel bad because they still did and 'Kara and Nate'(not real names) told me I cutted them when I was in front of them and 'Jonnie and Max'(not real names) were the ones cutting...sob :(

Hahaha....I asked Max if he still hated me and he was like,"No! I never hated you!" And I'm like,"Yea you did.Remember that time in Cubbies?"And He's like,"No!?"Then walked away.Then this other girl randomly standing next to him is like,"What?Did she ask you out???"It was soooooo funny! Read my other post below to find out what happened.

well my couin who i will call SR small r said to me pink flody is gonna eat me or something like that i said whos pink fload? then nana and my 12 year old cousin came into the room and i told them what about SR was doing and 12yr said he watched a movie and then i talked to him that if he DID come in to the room your should........ punch him and my nana said or i'll come and punch him for you then he would not go upstairs because now all he wanted to do was PUNCH HIM! i feel like i did the right thing talking to hime first in steed of asking someone else when he told me

Have you seen the movie,"The Retrievers"?It has a lot of times where they have to do the "right thing"Watch it!

I done something that was the right thing to do. I had to say what the teacher wanted me to say and I did not want to do that. It was right because I don't like to be hollered at. So I let her have it her way.

When I was little,I went to the AWANA Cubbies.It was time to sit down,and my friend Max(name changed to protect privacy)kept on playing with a toy camel.He wasn't listening.So,I said,"It's time to listen to the teacher,Max."And I gently took the camel and put it in the box.Then he got mad and said he would never be my friend again and that he didn't like me anymore.The teacher liked what I did,and it was the right thing to do,but I lost a friend in the process.Now that I look back on it,I guess our friendship wasn't worth it.

my mom is so mean to me and iam allways sad

Be your self and FIGHT for what you want.

i hate when people hurt or disturb animals . it makes me outraged !!

no sadly i havnt but it makes me mad how stupid people can be. like just simply doing the right thinng will keep you out of trouble sooooooo.......... yeah. im stupid im sorry to say. :)

i do not like it when people do not listen to me.

i have to break up with my friend my mum said and beacause i have to get on with my life and make new friends.

I wached at the movie and i did not compliane even if i did not like it.

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