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Have you ever done something simply because it was "the right thing to do," even if you didn't really want to? What happened?

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well once i was going to the bathroom and i see this girl and so i went to the bathroom and i see a wallet and i asked her "is this yours" and shes like "oh thankyou" and i felt fuzzy inside :)

Ok-So my best friend was really nice. Everytime I came to school me and her would hug. We always laughed together,and on windows live messenger she always posted stuff saying that we are best friends and when it's the holidays she always posts she misses me. When we came back to school after spring break a new girl came. My friend was playing with her and I didn't mind. The next day my friend didn't talk to me!! She didn't hug me and when she is online windows live and I send her a hi she never says hi back and when my other friend came I asked him what he was up to and he said he was talking to my friend!!! I thought she must have had a bad day...But it went on for 4 days!! I got rather suspicious. I sent my friends to go and ask her who she likes the most in the class, because if I asked she would say yes because I'm there. So they went and asked her. When they cane back they told me that she had said her best friend was the new girl

I picked up a softball that fouled off and gave it back to the players

jwte- u did the right thing :) glad thats over

life is a hard thing to come by so alway be nice

my mom rewarded me and told me i did a good dead and told me i did good and gave me a lecture

today is a newday so lets shinee byee be good bad kids

Yes!!! All the time!!! I always end up being under appreciated for it. :(

hey my name is love because i love my fam my name is gud cuz im gud my name is church girl cuz i LOVE the lord glorrry love everone and I believe yuh will go to heaven ~Me good~

one day i was bullied by someone in my school. he threw erasers at me and did a lot of other things to me. finally i got tired of being bullied and,i spied on him.i spied on him by writing down everything he did to me.then one day i told on him and showed the evidence to my principal.he got in big trouble and i felt like a innocent kid

I would try my best to act like I like it and I would do what that person wants me to do unless it is harmful and it could hurt me and the other person

Yes and it was hard

hey guys i really am tired today happy valentines to all you lovers xxxxxxxxx

i don't really listen

yes, i had to go to the movie theater with my brother to see Harry Potter 7 and i wasn't excited at first but i ended up liking it!!!<3

once my friend mia (not real name) told me to put powder all over my sister lily's (not real name) room. i then got the blame and really told off!!!!! that was when i was about 8!!!!!

when i was little my mom and me were on a train and my grandpa frosty was a (fake) rober on the train and i was only three so i tried not to crie but i was so scared i cried so loud i thought i wasnt the only one crieing

Iam happy am a girl cause girls are cooler than boys

I told my mom about my crush I had sense i was in kindergarten,but now that i am eight she is coming to my school and embarrasses me!!!!!

no not really because i actully do the right thing. but it would be interesting to know how it would feel

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