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Have you ever experienced racism?
--From Shoshana, 9

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Sort of

no i havent but i have heard from kids at my school call eachother mean names and they dont know that they are calling them the names to hurt them. it makes me really sad when i hear that kind of stuff

Sometimes my friends say really racist things, and I try to be forgiving, but if it gets really offensive, I'll tell them so!

My friends stretch the corners of their eyes back with their fingers, and say something like "Cho chang cha chung! Ching chong ching!" and say that is what Chinese people are like but that is not true and it makes me so mad!!!

Is horrible the way white people treat darker skinned people and i know its not just African Americans its Asians and all other people. i think it TOTALLY UNFAIR i myself am white but still i have TONS o African American friends.

I have. I'm White, and none of the black kids at school will play with any of us "whiteys". I don't get it, but if they're that mean, I don't see any reason I'd want to be friends with them. :(

PockyChan,I feel so mad about what happened to you!!! I'm Asian American too,and I have really big,sparkly eyes that my Ma always comments on,but I also have dark hair and tanner skin.Im a mutt!!! Haha!

Yes and it feels bad when you get it from teachers that are any color and I've had it happen and from people in my class it's terrible


I was at the store today and this cute guy(he was white) came up to me and he was gonna start ya know flirting, but his grandmother (I think she was at least) yelled at him and came up to him telling him "stay away, their KIND is no good at all"(I know I'm Asian and I was speaking Khmer to my aunt, but I understand English lady) and she pretty much dragged him away from me. At least when we were leaving, he managed to say sorry for it and all, but the potential new someone in my life was gone -_-

That's what I meant when I said it was funny.

CowChow,Pandoraa,IKR!!! It doesn't matter what color the rice is,as long as it's tasty,that's all that matters.

FertLuv, I LOVE that joke. It's so funny. At first, I thought you typed racist wrong 'till I realized it was part of the joke. RICEest. LOL. Any other jokes? None from my pockets.

i have never experienced it myself, but i have seen it happen, and i believe that everyone is equal and no one should be mistreated, especially for their race or something else that they cannot control

Ruffy889 i feel the same way. Kids at my school ask me if i was related to Osama bin ladin.... ofcourse not not all musims are terristist its just the ones who don`t have lives!

lol, ferretlover217

Yes, I have. I am white, and I'm proud to be white! My neighbors are black, and they won't let their kids play with me because I am white. It's not fair! People are people no matter what their skin color is. And you know what? I love being who I am. Why can't we all get along?

Yes one day this girl straight up told me your white im black. Technically no one is white and no one is black. Another guy told me i was mexican like a huge disrespect to mexicans becuz you never know where a person is from

It turned out I'm not raseist I was afried for a reasen but now I have a black friend named risciy and I love my Mexican friends named daviana,sabin and joyisa and I am not a terrast most of my friends are criston and I'm jewish and sigh I don't have Arab friends yet but I still like Some Arabs I know there are good arabs

my friend is Indian (like from the country India) and 1 day a kid @ school called her a muslim and she just started crying. also im German and people make fun of me when i tell them that like saying 'are u related to Hitler? and i bet ur great grandpa was a Nazi' and it really hurts.

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