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Have you ever experienced racism?
--From Shoshana, 9

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Here's what other kids had to say:

The most racist thing I ever heard was on a website evaluating the neighborhoods in NY and they said "the only safe neighborhoods in NYC are all white neighborhoods, if there are minorities then it's unsafe. Speaking as a white myself I would only feel safe living near other whites. Come move to Manhattan where non whites can't afford to live." When I read that my blood boiled, that is so racist!!!! I can't believe some people. And there was someone who was told that she was a disgrace to all whites for marrying and having a kid with a Hispanic man. HOW TERRIBLE IS THAT!? Ugh the ignorence of some people... *Fatima*

It's stupid how everyone thinks that all asian people are "geniuses" and how all black people are good at dancing and rapping. People may have the same skin color but different heritages and ethnicity, it's so annoying when people judge you! I am adopted (anybody else?), too, so that leads to more racism towards adopted kids whose parents are black. I have yet to see black parents adopting a white baby.

No, but I hate it! What's people's problem?

@ WiseTeen dont listen 2 them how can someone be a stupid brainac impossible

@WiseTeen: Ha Stupid Braniac... that's impossible, you can't be a braniac and stupid. And what's wrong with being a nerd? Although it's true that not every Asian is super smart at least that's a good stereotype vs a bad stereotype.

Not only african Americans or Asian Americans or Mexicans Are being treated badly because their race, Caucasian people are discriminated also, people who are "colored" can be mean to Caucasians too, someone wouldn't play with me because I was white and they were black, that is racist too, you know! :(

We are all the same color with the lights turned off!!!!!!! ;)

I hate double standards, I hate it when people make fun of me because I am white. ):

i agree DWfan10!!

Okay people think that Chinese Japanese and Koreans are stupid brainiacs and call then nerds ... not cool peeps... my friends and I know this girl and she is called all sorts of names just because she gets straight A's they're just jealous..

Racism is really mean. I think black skin is sooo beutiful, I also think white sking is very pretty. I'm white and I have a dark friend named Lynette. (Name changed for privacy reasons.) I havn't experienced racism in person but I know about it and I just wish that people would be content with the way God made us!

@kaiojimmy: White's aren't the only ones that can be racist. A racist person is someone that judges someone else based on their race. So if someone who's black refuses to play with a white kid they're just as racist as a white kid who refuses to play with a black kid. In fact your comment was kinda racist.

I haven't but a friend of mine is Guatemalan and everyone thinks she's Mexican and this one kid was like 'Go back to Mexico where you belong.' Oh yeah... and she was born in the USA. Stupid ignorant people...

I got called a negro in the third grade by this kid ivan and he was being hecka racist just because he's Hispanic and I'm black.

The last war to end is ignorance.

At school people sometimes call me " Crazy Chinese Freak" because my mom is Chinese. I hate it when they call me that! It really is bad! But now I'm used to it and I just give people the IMPROVED stink eye when they do it and they stop in fear for some reason.

I have a dream, that one day little black boys and girls will join hands with little white boys and girls-martin luther king jr.

I used to live in a different neighbor hood.I had lot's of friends and enemies.One of my frenemies was a boy named roger.One day my two close friends had a soccer game (they were brother).Well me and my sister were waiting for them.And we had started messing around with Roger.Well roger said nice shot N word.And I said you have no write to call me that.And he said No it's cool i'm black from my dad's side.Roger's dad is Hispanic.So we told Daniel and Gabriel.A couple days later my other friends came. I told them .We were all staring at his house .Then my dad went to talk to his dad.We were all cracking up.Long story short Roger said sorry.My sister had to all most give bro number 1 cpr because he chocked on his on spit and lack of air from laughing so hard.My friend that was a girl all most beat the living day lights out of Roger.Roger is the name of the annoying neighbor in sister sister.Who wants to be called the n word insulting .

I have been called many names, just because of being a certain skin color or race. It's not very nice to use racism on another person!

Catimari 04,im in a jamaican family and im living in a black community, maybe the kids won't play with you because some whites are racist and hate blacks would you like them if they whipped you called you a monkey made you do work spit on you take you away fom yor family and make you live in a shack, feed you gunk and threaten to kill you if you did not work and treat you like dogs and arrest you for no reason ,so think about it.

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