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Have you ever experienced racism?
--From Shoshana, 9

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Here's what other kids had to say:

yay toad u friended me..:D did I spell that wrong..lol.. -WolfJade...Still hyper P.S: I like nice advice like that!! :D :D :D :D smilies!!

WolfJade, that is really rude of people to make fun of your accent. I'd probably be really jealous of you if I could hear you. You see, I'm Iowan, and I don't have an accent. So be happy you're unique in the way you talk. You're you. :)

this may be a weird form of racism, but I'm Texan and some people I've met before have made fun of me for my accent. Of course it basically isn't talking about if youre black or white or asian or whatever, but still some people think Texans are dumb because we talk kinda funny sometimes, (I admit it) but it's really not true me and my friends make Straight A's I made A+ on my report card in the first 6 weeks i was so happy WolfJade...always hyper

I'm white. I'm not racist because my best friend Blackstar is half black and half asian, plus every teacher I have ever had accept my 2nd grade teacher was black. But I just graduated fifth grade and in my class, there were only 3 whites, me, Ronnie Reagan and Skylah Penell. Whereas there are 18 blacks. Plus my former music teacher said that she didn't put me in chorus (people say that I can sing) because she could only put in a limited number of people in it. But my school is about 70% black. I told my dad and he said stuff about reverse racism. That's when other races treat whites unfairly or different. We both think she's racist

I have seen racism and my blood boils. what is the big deal about skin color? what is the big deal if you black white Hispanic Italian Asian or whatever? God made us who we are and he doesn't care what color are skin is! so who has the right to say anything about us when they don't know us! Seriously racism has got to stop now!!!!!!!!!

I am African- Americal and I live in a mostly all white neighborhood. My mom and I went to the corner Rita's and this white man yelled at us out of his car and said "Hey you! Get out of our neighborhood and go back to the black hood where you belong!" I felt so angry. And when a new couple was moving in, they asked our neighbor, "What are they doing here?" Our neighbor said, "They live here." "Really? I never black people could afford to live here!" I hate racism of any kind. I plan to stop it once I get older.

love the book, the moon bridge

I get comments about my eyes all the time, I'm Asian :D I'm not really really Asian though- sometimes people guess it, but other times they're like, "oh my gosh you're so lying" because my hair is pretty light for a part Asian person. ANYWAY I get made fun of for my eyes a lot but I really don't care at all. I used to, but now I wish I looked even more Asian then I do.

yeah i get made fun of because my dad is from bangladesh and i guess i just look different from most ppl :/

I like Panda cause they're not Racis they're like "Hey Dude im Black White and Asian and idon't really care :D "

I like to blend in with white walls :D

purplesparky-my friend is adopted and is white her adopted mother is african american and her adopted father is half hispanic/half chinese

purplesparky? I agree! The thing is, some African-Americans feel that they have to be "cool", or some Asians feel that they have to be "super smart"! IT'S TERRIBLE! I HATE IT!

I hate when Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans get mad when I guess their ethnicity wrong. I want to know if they can know if I'm British, American, or Australian without hearing my voice! Racism is wrong!

@TSfan13- that is just wrong and sad! i can see how it hurts!!some kids/pre-teens are cruel no matter what! they are heartless!!!

peeps who think its 'alright' to be rasist need to get a life!! seriously! Agree?????

No, but I've seen it in the media. Racism is terrible. I don't understand it. Just because someone looks different than someone, they don't like them?

I'm Hawiian and Mexican and people say I can't play because I don't have a solid home like they do. But I have a rule I experiece more!:)

@redwaves9: That is so true.

Honestly, I think people stereotype white people, too. They call us "white trash." Well, I have more of a meaning then white. My skin is golden, not white. I am Italian, not "white." People stereotype Italians as "big," but I have healthy weight and I love my body. My drama teacher even stereotyped me as "big," but I'm really not.

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