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What the heack ??????? weird ness all around! SPIDER BEHIND YOU! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

FluttershyYo- thanx. i honestly it stood for something like how 'OMG' stood for 'oh my gosh' or 'oh my giblets'. JK JK about the giblets. What loser would say that?! i know.... MEEEEEEEEE! O_e

missG71- isn't that off a song?? country song?

I've had a coughing fit today... and I just woke up like three hours ago.... ._.

hi everybody listen i like this one girl for a couple of years now-7- but i dont think she even knows i exist i accedently gave her the birdie when flipping off one of her friends plus shes popular and i am not she likes this one guy but hes a jerk and also i have aspergers so i blirt stuff out and i dont know what to do im thirteen and i want to go out with her but i to scared to ask also i think another girl may like me and i dont want to ruin the friendships i have with her and her friends help me please and as soon as possible

See, I'm a wreak inside. My tounge is tied, and my whole body feels so weak.. future may be all I really need.

I just noticed Two Worlds Collide described my life with Sonal, before I hit middle school in September. I was thinking up all sorts of different plans and had a bit of depression coming on for the first time back then. Heck, I liked Demi around 2008, because La La Land was kind of my anthem- and she didn't. She was against me. She was fine and didn't understand a thing bit of me. But now I'm in This Is Me mode. Tessa from Cali, now Seattle for a few months- changed my life by choosing to talk to me about my status. I had no idea she would mean so much, but she told me to believe. She told me that someday my dreams will come true and she'd be lost without me. I just can't believe how much I've changed in the few years. Just like my role model, inspiration... Demi Lovato.

This long distance is annoying... why can't I be in Seattle with you, or Australia with you?

I'm rocking out to Not A Love Song by Austin Moon right now. They have music videos on the Disney web site. Ooh! Now I'm listening to Double Take. I love that show. I love how Not a Love Song starts. You're always on my mind. I think about you all the time. Um, no." I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!

RamonaGirl, I put my laptop on mute before I log in. The voice is kind of creepy.

I've been sleeping for a thousand years, it seems, I've got to open my eyes to everything." "Without a life, without a voice, without a soul?" "Don't let me die here."

My two year old sister is a brony DX

greencloud, the music video for Wide Awake=pure genius. Just, genius.

(mini high-five to YumChocolate) I miss my friend who went on a roadtrip...

Okay so Im back to IML!! haven't been here for a while... hello IML staff!!!


ugh! who likes being like this?!? its weird in my life, not weird at all in your's! UGH!

Yummy(Can I call you that now? :)), Awesome! I hope you win( if it is a competition)!!:)

KerryBerry13, that is SO cool!! What is it called? Whats it about?

ramona once i didn't know i had the sound on and she said you need to sign in with your username! i began trying to shut her voice off but i could not find sound ps is it 2013? i have not been on forvever!

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