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I have to wake up every morning to do golf camp.I didn't even WANT to do golf camp.It totally stinks,because I can't sleep in till FRIDAY!

i went 2 church camp and met this cute guy and we like each other......one prob....i live in roswell he lives in hobbs :(

kwpopstar, me too!!! I love Ron too, but I actually love Hermione. And I hate Draco actually. :)

who likes beaing a little sister?

i like flowers how bout anybody else

So, my mom got a phone call from the marketing person of the company she works for, and he said that he's going to come to our house, with camera men, and interview my family!!! Beacause he thinks my mom is like, totally what the company is! Hes coming on Sunday!!!!!:D

POSTING TOO MUCH LALALALALALALALALA Heart wolves.... ~:) <------fireball head...ROFL for no reason right now...random weirdnesses...

I spend a little too much time on this site...I love it! I'm writing a novel and I'm 10 years old. If you ever see it, know it was by me!! :P

kwpopstar did you finished book one? cuz' im on six I KNOW HOW IT ENDS!!! which is weird since im only on six.

i have s problem. well ive had this friend. a best friend for 4 years. and she is soooooooooooooooooo sensitive and nice and wild. well for her birthday i decieded to hand sew a pillow case 4 her made out of different old pairs of jeans cut in squares. well it took me awhile just because i wanted to make sure it was purfect. well i gave it 2 her on the last day of school. she left it behind the teachers desk!Our school is not just shutting down, but we will be in middle school next year! the day that u could go to the school to pick up anything u left was the same day that her tonsils were supposed 2 be tooken out. i want to make her a new one but i also dont. my other friends say i shouldnt be her friend! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! what should i do?? :'(

Ferret, I read a thing about Bonnie online, and it was WAY cool. And guess what? Bonnie is actully an alegory!! And, there are TONS of alegorys in DIOM. And also, Elam was(or still is! If DIOM is real...) a REAL person!! It mentions him in the Bible!!

Hehe, now im on book 2 of Harry Potter!! I can't stop reading!! Me and my mom are reading the series, and we love it!! Its totally different than i expected. I thought it was going to be really dark and scary but its NOTHING like that! And I dont know why they dont wanna be in Slyerin... It wins the house cup a lot! Well... expect Harry's first year.

American Idol... auditions. I'm trying out, in fact, I'm going to send a comment right now. Should my life's story? Not a good time, and all of the questions have been answered. Meeep, don't freak out...

I thought i'd ever say this but, im proud so say: IM A HARRY POTTER FAN!!!!!:D Im on book 1!! For some strange reason, I love Ron, hate Hermine, and have a soft spot for Draco...

i love all your music zendaya and bella throne /anabella

You're Taking Over Me, I need you to Bring Me To Life. But you never Call Me When You're Sober. Without you, I am Broken. Is it Imaginary that you're Missing? Forever Haunted, will you return, before I Lose Control... keep me in mind. Hello, My Immortal. I love you, Even In Death.

i love this site!!!!!!!!! u can share your feelings with the world and never be afraid to tell about your life!!!!!!!!

kwpopstar, oh, thank you so much! I'm afraid people would really think I'm a poser, but seriously, I'M NOT! Thanks, Panda. :)

Hey RamonaGirl we should be friends on here.

i can't belive that my school is not going to let kids not bring phones to school!

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