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----> Ahh, good endings are good, right? And in a story, it ends with a good ending. You may be asking what I mean. I'm saying this is my last post. My 1st year anniversary here is comin' up in August, and I won't post anything. But I'm not quitting! I'll still accept friend requests, read Ferrie's inspiring stories, and virtually hug you all for helping me.. make sausages. I love you all, see you in the future! :) {-} XxGingerxX, NoBell, BlueDessert, YumChocolate.

Ramonie, hee hee, I missed you too! But what roadtrip were you talking about?.. Panda, there wasn't a competition, but it was so fun performing! ---- My 5th grade year is actually over. The Vince=Chieslyn problem actually retired, smack in the last day of school, while good stuff happened! For one thing, Chieslyn and I are pretty much friends again. Also, do you remember how Vince is moving to the Philippines this year? He asked me for my PHONE NUMBER, so he can call me long distance. (I won't be conceited, he already asked Chieslyn for her phone number.) He also said he'll say.. "bananas" for me to know that it's him. XD --->

Hehe the Harry Potter fairy came to my house today!! :D

RamonaGirl, Your trying out for American Idol? Cool, but i thought you had to be like, 16. I thought you were my age... Or are you doing the one at DisneyWorld? Which I think you have to be 16 too...

Rebecca, I have finish 1 and 2 and I LOVED THEM!!! And your lucky your on book 6! My mom is scared cuz she thinks I won't be able to read them all cuz of "violence".Ugh. But she does think since im 12, going to be 13 in a couple months, that ill be able to read them all. And my moms BFF keeps on saying to her,"Its fine!! It doesnt have as much violence as the Hunger Games and Twilight!! She can read them!!"... Oh boy.:(

1nancydrew1, I feel like Draco needs some mercy... I just feel kinda bad for him everyone hates him. And when does Luna come in the series i've only read the first 2 cuz my mama wants to be ahead of me in the series for some reason so I have to wait for her to finish book 2. And I also LOVE Hagrid he's so funny! And Gildory Lockehart, he funny too! I literatly laughed out loud when they found out all his "Stories" werent true! Well they were true, but he just didnt do them. I sort of like Hermionie now, but shes kind of a know-it-all. And Ginny is so cute. And shes got a crush on Harry which it think is also cute LOL:)

I'm so proud of myself! I am now a composer! I've written two three page piano sheet music songs this week and I am feeling the potential God has given me... :)

hello everyone~ i'm new here :) i'm 14 and a girl, the name Admiratio is actually Latin for wonder, astonishment, or surprise. (it's not my real name but i wish it was) i also speak spanish because i am 1/2 Mexicana~ (the other 1/2 is Mongolian) and that's it. i really like this site because you can say anything and no one judges :)

@KerryBerry13, what short film? that is cool u get 2 do that. ya know, acting can get u far in life

when i was 3 i loved Dora. And once we went to a chineese resturaunt and the waiteress spoke some chineese. So loud mouth me said: "why do you speak mexican, weirdo?". Yeah i was 3 so i didn't understand of course that it was insulting to some people who are rather mexican or chineese. Sorry mexicans and chineese people, i do love y'all.

i love justin bieber he rocks

I don't know if any of you have been keeping up with the Olympics, but I've been watching the swimming trials. That Phelps/Lochte rivalry is intense! And I think I have a new favorite: Matt Grevers! He's amazingly fast. And he's soon to be married to Annie Chandler, but she didn't make the team last night, and he did. There are more finals tonight (June 28) on NBC, so she might make it tonight!!!!! GO TEAM USA!!!!!!!

Hey guys!!! I'm sitting here at my NEW COMPUTER that my parents got me for my 13th birthday, but they gave it to me early. My birthday isn't until July 9th. Oh, Happy early July 4th!!!

Kerryberry13- that's SO good for you!!! Good luck!!! Speaking of acting, I'm gonna be on Habu News next year and I'm so happy!!! Habu News is basically my school's news channel, so I'll be on tv! Dream come true! Only the ppl @ school will c it, but oh well. =) also, I'm listening to Intermission by Big Time Rush and it's one of their best songs! The first time i heard it I almost cried... BTW any Rushers out there send me a shout out! peace! ~ ps- I like the squiggly =) ~~~

@cathiecubby6- cellphones at schools aren't necessary. if you need to contact a parent, use a school phone. if they need to contact you, they can call the school. cellphones are just nuisance items in school

I'm pretty much new here. Last time I was here, was like 2 years ago! I'm back and staying!

My parents might be getting a divorce and I'm so scared. What should I do? :(

my faivret song is country must be country wide by brantley gilbert

My dad threw me into bed and almost broke my arm just because i teased my brother!

I'm watching a movie right now.

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