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Hello dear IML'ers! Hope everyone's having a good summer. We have some sad news today. :-( Due to a shift in focus away from tweens, PBS funding for It's My Life updates has been discontinued until further notice. This includes moderating the You Said It pages. It's devastating to us at IML because we love what we do. We fought hard to keep these pages available to you guys who rely on them and make them so great, and haven't given up yet. We're still out there, looking for more funding. In the meantime, no new YSI posts will be approved, unfortunately. We hope that changes soon. Keep your fingers crossed for us and stay in touch! Any questions, email us at itsmylife@pbs.org and we will do our best to answer.

I've been watching,"Leave It To Beaver," a lot on Netflix...Such a cute show.I love the 50's...^w^

sweetpeajess i havent been through the same thing, but a friend of mine has gone through a divorce and it was very tough for her.Eventually what helped was she asked her teacher to go to the counselor's office at our school...I know, I know. But it helped her a lot. I'm figuring what the counselor said was not to scream and shout about it because unfortunately theres not much to do about it. You've just gotta pull yourself up and take it as what it is...but don't worry it'll be ok you've just got to adapt and think about things that make you happy instead..if your mom or dad ever get sad when they're alone with you consider making them a card (Drawing, collage, watercolor, etc.)And it will make both of you feel better. And maybe you can prevent the divorce by doing a family get-together, and include crazy (or abnormally Not-Crazy) siblings too lol. Like maybe a dinner?If you just have time to talk and be a family things might work out:)

Hi there! does any1 here remember me? I know i haven't been on here in, like, forever. My Grandma and Grandpa have been in and out of the hospital alot in the past few months. In other news, i'm 13 already!! YAY!!


That's awesome, buddy2197!

Oh RamonaGirl, did you ever figure out what your Tumblr password was? I haven't really been on mine the past few days because I was Creation Fest! But I just got back on yesterday. So...

So there's already a page on wikipedia for 1D's next album even though it's not supposed to come out 'till like November...WE DON'T EVEN KNOW THE NAME OF THE ALBUM YET! This is so awkward...

I FINALLY KNOW HOW TO WOBBLE!!1! :DDD The Family Force 5 version! Not the other one...*insert kinda disgusted face here* The only thing I don't like about it is that in the music video Derek or "Chap Stique" is like getting beaten up. The first time I watched it I was screaming at the computer screen like "NO STOP BEATING HIM UP! D':" xD

happy 4th of July everyone :D

SISTERS!!!! *takes a running start and leaps into your arms* I missed y'all so much...KWPopstar,OUCH! Sounds like something I woulda done...I'm surprised it hasn't happened to me already!!!! XD PS Where did you read the stuff about Bonnie and Elam? PLEASE tell me cuz I'm STILL really obsessed with DIOM...^.^ And yea,if you pity Draco,I pity Palin all the same...;( But I'm just the kinda person who sees the good in everyone...X)

HEY GUYS!!! :D Sorry I haven't been on lately...Two weeks ago I went to a...*drumroll* MANGA CLASS AT A NEARBY COLLEGE!!! It was a manga camp and the teacher was soooooo nice...:) I learned a lot about manga...And the teacher even gave me his card!!! :P I was the only one in the class who he gave his card to,not to toot my own horn.(^w^) And then,the week after that,I volunteered at my church for VBS...So much fun!!! You can probably guess which department I decided to help out in...Yea,crafts.^o^ SO MUCH FUN this summer!!! So yea...

Hey! Has anyone heard about the new American Girl movie?It's called McKenna and we are going to get the new movie today!

Rebecca, My fave is 2! I loved the ending! My mom said she might try to find the 1st movie so we could watch it! And that Gilderoy Lockhart is AWESOME!! Its so funny that at the end you find out he didnt do those "Amazing" things!

YumChocolate, Im glad that everything worked out! But, im SO sad your gonna leave...But at least you'll still read our posts! I will miss you SO much sister!

I think I fractured my toe. Yesterday, I was going to get myself a granola bar, and I stubbed my toe on the wall, which also was like, turning. So, my toes and split apart. And I almost started sreaming and crying it hurt SO BAD!!! It still hurts!!! I can still move it, so it isnt broken. And when this does happened, you dont need to go to the hospital and get a cast, because, they dont have casts that small! So ya, it still hurts ALOT. If only I got pretzels instead of a granola bar...

Greencloud10, kwpopstar, and 1485; Thanks! Actually, they're still writing the script and everything. Shooting is supposed to start sometime in early July. I'm excited because this is the first big thing I'm doing outside of my church. Greencloud10, that's awesome! Sounds like fun! :DDD

kwpopstar which one do you like more my favorite is three but you are not there yet

I am so proud of my self!!!!!!!!! I saved my brother from a car today!!!!!!!! Now I git 95.54 more.

Make blog about Michell Musso!!!!!

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