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Do you play an instrument? What do you like about it?
--From Hadia, 12

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Here's what other kids had to say:

ferret- Anytime, hon. ;D *Retarded smile*

violin. i don't know.

i like this guy in my class and i told him i liked him and he didn't like me back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG!THAT was so embarrassing!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love playing my violin,piano,guitar,flute,drumkit and trumpet!!!!!!!!!! i write loads of music too!!!!!!!!!

Awwwwww,RandomNinja..*blushes* Thanx...

ferretlover217- Oh my goodness! You play the guitar?!?!? That is SO COOL! :D I wish I could play a guitar, and write music, oh my gosh! You are so talented!!!

I play trumpet and one of the saxaphone players in my school's band can play a mean Violin

I play an instrument called the Cahone (ca hown). Its basically a box that u sit on and make beats to songs. I can play along to any song at any speed! Its not something u r able to take lessons for. You just have to practice it over and over and over again. And when u listen to songs that u want to play, u need to listen to the song over and over and over again, paying only attention to the beat. Then u make the rythme on the cahone. I like it because its fun and u dont really hear of people playling it =D

I play the piano and my dad said I was destined to be a piano player because I can play close-to-impossible songs.And I'm only 9!!!!!!

I play piano, drums and guitar plus i sing!

@Bunniesrok- Me too! Viola's are the bomb.com! I've been playing for almost five years! Oh I love it so much, but I play by ear, and I never know what the teacher is talking about. I also wish we got the melody more often... P.S. I love your username! It is awesome! :D

@ Removeall!!! I play french horn too!!!!!!! WInners are we! It is obviously the best instrument to ever be invented, i just love the sounds that i can produce! Depending on how i play, i can get the sweet mellow tone of a woodwind, yet still being characteristically french horn, and get the sharp sound of brass. DO you have a single or a double?

Scratch that we just got a piano

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I JUST GOT A NEW MARTIN GUITAR FOR CHRISTMAS!!! We have been searching for a acoustic guitar that fit me for a while now cuz all of them seemed to big or it didn't sound pretty enough.But this one...Oh my gosh I've never heard such a pure-sounding high-quality guitar in my life!!! I've never even heard a celeb with a guitar this nice sounding!!! Plus,it fits my body well.All the others were too big, too heavy, too wide,e.t.c...But this guitar was perfect.I will charisma it forever...And the best thing is,IT EVEN MATCHES MY VOICE!!! We were made for each other...But now my Ma wants me to sing and play for her the song I wrote and all the other ones I'm learning! Hahahaha...I guess that's the thing with writing a song that's really catchy...people make you play it ALL THE TIME!!!

I just starting playing the piano too bad I don't have a working one in my house besides the world's smallest piano that I'll get stuck in one day.


mahnameisben, trombone is not lame! I play it and i think it's awesome!

I hate how in movies they always potray people in the school band as nerds or geeks. :(

I play trombone and me and my friend Julia are the only ones in the whole school!

I play VIOLA~ 𝄡<---- this is alto, which violas play in.

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