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Do you play an instrument? What do you like about it?
--From Hadia, 12

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Here's what other kids had to say:


I play the piano, which really helps me learn. Then I play the flute, which I like a lot. And then I sing. I LOVE SINGING! SINGING IS MY LIFE!

My instrument is my voice!

i play piano i love piano

Ferret- LOL!!!! That's actually what my cousins call me. They're both boys, ages 8 and almost 11. They can be major pains in the butt, but they're so freaking lovable!!!!!! They're also super funny.

I play piano, but I kind of want to learn the drums and have a female teacher.

Hmmmmmmm...I'm thinking about learning another instrument one day...Harmonica?Piano?Bagpipes?Trumpet? How about eletric violin? IDK...

Cybers3--So you and Squidward has something in common,hmmmmm? ;)

I play the piano, and it is fun. i learned to play from my grandmother. I've been playing eversince.

I play bass guitar and I love the deep sound.

I play the violin. I really love it!! - belissa

ahem ok .... Piano, bells, recorder. That's a lot of music!

I play clarinet. I LOVE IT!!! I play it in band at school. If I had the option, I would love to play clarinet as a career when I'm older. Don't think that's going to happen though. And now I would like to share a quote from the director at an honor band I played in recently. He said this because the whole band was playing one song too fast: 'Music is like kissing your boyfriend/girlfriend. You don't rush through it.' I think there was more to his little speach, but then his cell rang and we got side tracked.

i play trumpet.And the piano.

I play piano and am ok at it. I make up songs that everyone says is really good, but I think the songs are missing something, like they're empty. Any advice?

I play the drums and the guitar

Randi~~ Jk! Love you!

@RandomNinja~~~~ Can I call you Randi? I heard on a YSI board that you really like unisex names, so... ya. Will you let me? :)

Yeah, I play piano a teeny little bit (i'm gonna get better lessons soon) and I also sing all the time. I also want to learn the violin, the drums and the electric guitar~!

Oh, I love Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. :3 Mozart, is so amazing. ♥

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