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Have you ever had to perform in front of a big group? Were you scared? How did you perform?
--From Tabitha, 11

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Here's what other kids had to say:

yes i have many times 4/5 times for piano and 1 time for dancing.it is very fun performing once you get into it,but at first youre scared but then you have loads of fun once you start.if youre sared just take a deep breath and practice.if it is something that runs in youre veins like it comes naturally like dancing was always a talent of mine it is scarier than playing an instrument because it is you, but you will always turn out great because it is YOUR moment to shine so just do youre best.

wen i was in 5th grade(goin into 6th) me and my friend sang Mary Poppins songs for 6 classes at my school(including my class, the kids in my class said not to preform at my friends class cuz the kids are mean and they are they make fun of me and my friend, cuz we like Mary Poppins but i dont care i know im different, even my friend said not to go to her class... mean kids) it was really fun though!

I was gonna perform at a Kareoke thing at my old school, but I NEVER GOT THE CHANCE TO PERFORM >:( The song I was gonna perform is called "This Is Me", and it's performed by Demi Lovato; the song was featured in the ORIGINAL Camp Rock movie

Go Ramonagirl!!! Love chior and singing. I have been on stage too many times to be really nervouse.

Im a colorguard and i compete in competitions all over my state, and I'm never nervous... even in the huge collessium!

I once played the lead in my %th grade plat last year. It was hard memorizing my lines, but once I got up there, I wasn't scared at all!

Yupperdoodle! Every year, I join choir, and we always have to do a concret. It iz fun!!! :)

yeah i did perform from what i got it was ok i wasent great figures i have stage fright

Yeah I've performed in front of a big group multiple times. I've acted sang danced. Either for a talent show, competition, show/recital, or school. I was nervous at first but as soon as I got on stage it went away and it was worth it. Each time I've been on stage and performed I've done well. I have messed up but everyone does! Hope this helps.

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