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Have you ever had to perform in front of a big group? Were you scared? How did you perform?
--From Tabitha, 11

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Here's what other kids had to say:

My choir class just had our first christmas performance, and it went great!

I perform on youtube, does that count? The first time I posted a video, I was freaking out thinking about all the critisism and now I'm gonna sing and I'm freaking out even more about it

When I had to sing to audition for my school's play, I started singing, my voice cracked and then I started crying. I felt like an idiot, Demi Lovato playing from a CD player why i balled my eyes out, but my teacher let me sing with a friend. And I have to do it AGAIN this year but I'm ready!

No. I was not scared. It was fun! (I had 3 parts, one was RIGHT before another one!)

yes, no, I sung with my class.

luv performing

my Irish dance teacher wanted me to do a solo for our upcoming performance. i love performing for large crowds! luckily, i don't usally get stage freight, but that time i did a little.

Talk about EMBARRASSMENT.I can't even dance and sing to my favorite song ALONE without feeling stupid and embarrassed.

Yes, and no, it was not scary. Before you go on you'll be spazzy, but when you're on, you'll be fine :)

we have to do a song about a book and i have to do it in front of my class and i have a part all by my self

I love it,I do modern dance retails every saturday at 7! My brothers hate it:(

Pandora, yeah, I want to do the same thing. Maybe I could go on to one of those big Rochester choirs someday. But that seems too far out of reach...

i want to be in orchestra at school but i dont know how to play the instrament i want to play and so what do i do????????????????

RamonaGirl, Hope you have fun at choir!!I hope you get big parts and big solos!! I do choir too! I want to go in bigger choirs like ones that DON'T do Christen musicals. Because they are sometimes a bit cheesy. And it's my last year in my kids choir so i want to be more envoled(is that how you spell it?)in music and drama. So i might ask my mom if i can go into bigger ones and maybe get discovered(like that will happen!)!!

I Love acting and drama, I am in a play right now called Cinderella Variations I play Ren /Water Lily it is super fun!!!

I love to perform, I compete at speech contests, ( I have even won, not to brag) I act in plays, and I want to sing. I do get scared, but everyone does, just like everyone messes up one in a while!

Larxeen, AWWWWW 'hank you!

I have been in 7 play/musicals total And love acting Yes I was scared @ the beginning of each play but after a little while it's all fun and acting

for ballet i perform in front of 2500 pepole its hard but fun

Yep I had to perform a song about fish in 1st grade with the other 1st graders all becuz of our music teacher Mr.Cedar:( This is all his FFFFFAAAAAAUUUUULLLLLLLLTTTTT:(

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