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Have you ever had to perform in front of a big group? Were you scared? How did you perform?
--From Tabitha, 11

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Here's what other kids had to say:

i also just recently sang make it shine by victoria justice to a crowd! ( cool & fun )

about black history preforming one of the last posts i did i meant back in feburary sorry!!!

Just recently (on June 20th), I performed a song on the piano in front of the entire school (grades K-12). I played 'Who I Am' by Nick Jonas and the Administration. I wasn't scared, because I knew the song REALLY WELL! I performed good, but at the beginning, the piano didn't work like I had expected it to (LOL!)

What I like about rapping, is that ur not embarrassed. U go wit the flow. I havent lerformed yet but I want to

Me and the tuba guy have to perform a lot of tuba solos at our school concerts :/ hehe everyone at school calls me the "tuba lady

i also just recently sand make it shine by victoria justice to a crowd! (cool & fun )

i preformed a while ago in may i had to say a few words about black history. (kind of fun) it was easy xD

redwaves9? I love acting too! And public speaking, and dancing! I like singing a lot too, though.

I dance, so I have recitals. I like it, but I get nervous. But I get over it cause I love to dance!

Performing? Please, it's my thing! I want to be an actress! I love to perform more than anything! I don't like singing in front of others though, but I do love acting, public speaking, and dancing.

Come ON! No Mortician's Daughter this year for the talent show. We're doing Never Too Late by Three Days Grace instead. Anyone know that song?

I really want to be a singer, but I don't know where to start. I'm 12, and I'm shy. I actually have never sung in front of an audience until the auditions I had or a play last month. I'm so torn!

thx, Po-Chan. I just discovered that Carissa knows her, so I don't think she was as far away as you. I MEAN, SERIOUSLY, WHEN WOULD CARISSA KNOW SOMEONE FROM OHIO?! LOL :)

Yeah, and i don't think it would be possible to perform without SOME kind of stage fright. I get scared before i go on, but once I'm on stage, BOOM! totally comfortable!

OMG the guy in my church band (that is cute and looks very young for his age) said I was pretty yesterday.. It was kind of awkward tho. He didn't recognize me and then when we said hi he was like. OMG Courtney. It's you!? I'm like... what the heck.. um Yeah? Then he's like "I looked over and was like oooooh who is that on the stairs. She is so cute.." Then when I got closer and he finally recognized that it was me, he was like.. "oops" But still he said that right to my face.. I was like.. "thank you.. I guess." lol It was pretty funny. And flattering in a way. He's got spiky hair!! It's pretty cool. So cute.. His daughter is the cutest thing too!! :))

To DarkAngel501; That's so awesome!! I wish I could've seen it! And I love The Mortician's Daughter, that would be an awesome song to sing!! :D

Hah, no I don't Nat-Chan I'm the first half of PMproductions we're not that big yet, mainly cuz we haven't had much time to film anything good

i have had to talk in front of big groups in school and in church and im really shy so i get really scared.

Po-Chan, do you do My Life? Are you Crystalfirexx?! IF SO, MARSHMALLOWIN' AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

I had to sing Makeup Smeared Eyes by Automatic Loveletter for a talent show with my twin playing acoustic guitar. I was terrified but I ended up singing it really well. We're looking at The Mortician's Daughter by Black Veil Brides for this year's. The only thing is it's freaking BVB, and I have a really high, delicate voice. But I guess it is a soft song.

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