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What do you think freedom really means
and why?
--From Amanda

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Here's what other kids had to say:

If I made a dictionary, this would be my definition of freedom, Freedom: Running for the liberty to not constantly hide your emotions and give up... in a murderous or saddening,deep, heart-felt way. That could be a definition that anyone could understand. But for ME, this is freedom, Freedom : Escaping that awful, sickening feeling that you're freaking out. Well, inside I am... a lot.It's a feeling I can feel.... and it's literally painful.

well freedom means freedom but there are still certain rules

For me freedom is always going to be impossible to reach. Here on earth we have rules. If you have no rules you are still not free because you have God's rules and those are the most important

For me freedom means pain melts away and releases you from the invisable chains of emotional pain at least long enough to remind yu of who you are because those chains hid you away and took your freedom.

@surviving, I will send you a friend request... :)

School-wise freedom is no deadline for projects. Religion-wise is, as the amazing Merlene1 said, freedom to express our beliefs. And freedom of expression. Nothing dull. And Volunteering-wise is being able to volunteer 24\7!I deeply respect your posts Merlene1.I would love to have an opportunity to be your friend.

i think it mean that you are free and no body can tell you, that you cant

To me freedom means that people can stand up to anything that they do not think is right. Freedom is when we are aloud to make choises of are own.where you you won't be judged about what you wear or what religion you are or what skin color you are. Thats what america was made for right? Sadly mostly us on this website think that. most adults don't think the same and the popular girls at school don't either.

FLCC said better than I could. I myself am growing up in a military family. My father was deployed twice or three times. I cried each time, but he always came home safely. I know that the only reason why we fight is that we are defending what WE belive is right. Because everyone thinks that they are right, it ends in war and the loss of preaciose lives. I wouldn't understand the full extent of the costs for I never had any close military family die, but I think that it's enough to watch my father go over seas and not know if he will come back, but all of this is the cost of freedom. Freedom isn't free.

Freedom is the right to do what we want to do. That is why I love living in America because we have the freedom of religion. In some nations, they cannot become a certain religion because if they do, they will be killed. We should be thankful that we can live in America.

Freedom is this idea in our minds that we can be ourselves without the fear of being judged. That we can live and let live. Sadly, this isn't always the case.

It means to be able to let go of others and go on by yourself. It also means to not have people on your watch every moment.

To me, freedom means to do what you want to do when you think it is right. When you have total control of yourself.

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