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What do you think freedom really means
and why?
--From Amanda

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Here's what other kids had to say:

Freedom, hmm.... I know! The right live, and the right to follow your own dreams, and not be discriminated against.

Freedom...An indescribable word.Freedom-The life of a bird.Flying,soaring,by it's own will,choosing whether to fight or to kill,freedom is an idea,that people died for,freedom is a thing we fight for in wars.Freedom is being you,with no one in your way,freedom is a thing we have in America today.Freedom is a will,a fire in the spirit,a thing that will never go out no matter who tries to kill it.Freedom is a thing that should be present in all lands,freedom is a thing that should not fall into unworthy hands.Freedom is a soul,in the heart of every man,freedom is given by God---Chase it if you can.A poem by me. ;D

To me freedom means being able to be YOU.Because you are everything and you might not realise it but you make people smile ,laugh,happy and even if you don't you might read this and then realise you should.Freedom also is being able to say and do what you think without hurting anyone.Freedom is everything but nothing and freedom is eventually life. Be inspired, not stuck xxx

I agree with cybers3. It means having options. We can choose what we want to make of ourselves. Also we're allowed to express ourselves - as long as it doesn't harm anyone.

i think u are free to do want u want to do bu u don't need need to be doin g bad thing

To be able to reach your goals and dreams as long as your not hurting people.

To me, freedom means being able to have options. You can choose your way of life. America is a sea of oppurtunities. Kids have the choice of what they want to do in life. Some countries don't have that. I think that even though times are tough, we can unite, and still enjoy the one thing that the economy can't affect. FREEDOM!!!!

To me freedom means to get away from abuse and neglect. To be free from bulying and depression,something I still can't get away from. Everyday at school, i'm bullied yet no one tries and help me. I guess they don't care.

It gives my cold shudders but in a nice way..

Everytime I experience something that makes me have freedom, (maybe playing Luxury Cabin by MightyMouse562 with mah buds and going to your own room..I always choose middle-right..it has a hot tub.. )

i think it means to be able to be yourself and have your opinion without being judged or bullied for it.

Freedom is when you run with nothing to stop you. Thats what I think of when I see the word.

I guess, freedom means, freedom. Letting your own way be your way.

Freedom means getting away. It comes from the heart, not the mind. Freedom is what gets you up in the morning when you truly want to stay in bed. If you have freedom, you have love. People care about you, but they're not the ones who let you speak freely. Freedom is.

You just go like this, "FREEEEEEEEEDOOOOOOOMMMM!!!" XD

AHH! I accidently clicked on submit before I was finished! I'm sooo embarased... I meant to say, (I'm sending you a friend request, Surviving. If it's OK, I mean...)

i think freedom is being able to be who you want to be and do what you want to do. (im sending you a friend request, Surviving. if it

freedom is the right to make choices on your own and have noone hold you down!

Freedom is being able to choose your own religion, job, political party, things we take for granted that my parents didn't have growing up in the Soviet Union.

I think it just meens to be free. and wow!! u must b a big christion surviving. :D

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