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Do you ever feel lonely? What do you do to comfort yourself?
--From Americangirl

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Here's what other kids had to say:

i have 2 main/actual friends but only one of them goes to my school and even though hes in a higher math class he listens to the other kids and says stuff like "apple rocks!","ooh la la, i'm in a parking lot", and once he liked a sock on the street ran over by a few cars! gross right!?!and my other friend and i are rely close but we barely see each other. :( and i can't make more friends at school because every one thinks i'm some how weird.so how do i make more friends?

RandomNinja, no of course not! :D I don't see how I can be mad at you when you and everyone else is so considerate on this webpage.

My friend told me all my friends dont like me and shes the only one that does the next day it happend I wrote about it in a note book

natashaton, I'm SO sorry. *Cries* *smiles* Hey you like the sims too? Yay!

Numba1luva...Mmmm-hmm.Same here...(--.--)

Ramen- Are you mad at me? D: I'm sorry. Dx I didn't mean to make you mad... o .o

All I have to say is, I'm the oldest of six kids and I'm homeschooled.THAT say enough for ya?

RandomNinja, >w> --RamonaGirl

I've felt worse than all of you so far today. I've bursted out crying, my binder hated me, my sister yelled at me, no one on IML replies to my questions, and now I've got hackers that could get me banned from my account on IML, Mod The Sims, and loooooots of other sites. I think I'm gonna die! People like this make me sick.

Well, when I feel lonely, I come on here are read the nice things, Ramen, and Ferret have said to me. You guys are so nice. >w< But if I don't come on here I call my friends, (I don't know why I have like eight best friends. o.O)but if they don't answer, I jump side to side, pretending to be two different people: Me: "Hi, me!" *Hops to the other side* Me #2: "Hey! What's up, me? How're 'ya?" *Hops to the side* Me: "I'm good, me, thanks for asking!" And so on... It's a good work out, and it's fun. ^o^

I'm homeschooled and there aren't that many kids in my neighborhood so when I'm lonely I look forward to my 4-h club meetings where I can be around my friends and other people.

I already answered the first question, but now I've noticed the last part. I comfort myself by coming on IML and posting something a lot of the time! ;)


Hey, me too, Laneycupcake. I feel the same way when my friends leave me out.

I feel left out when my two friends hang out together and don't include me but now I sit right next to one of them at our own table of two,I think the other one is jealous give me some advice!

ferretlover217,, ha, i know how you feel. i've never had a best friend..:( not a real one anyway. and i don't think i ever will. I'm so lonely:( and i've been depressed lately, worrying that i won't ever have a boyfriend when i'm older.. i just feel like no guy would ever wanna date me:(:'( I'm so lonely.. i don't know what to do, and almost every night i cry myself to sleep.

'Do you ever feel lonely?' Me: Oh. Yeah .. sure you can say that. XD

i'm lonely right now for some reason

Yes, sometimes. Being a tomboy is hard because you're still kind of a girl, so not a boy, but you can't fit in with other girls. I just tell myself that as long as I keep close the few friends I do have, I'll be fine.

every day kids in my class never pick me. i fell very lonely. i think it is because i am kinda a nerd and i write poetry

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