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Do you ever feel lonely? What do you do to comfort yourself?
--From Americangirl

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I cannot believe Sapphira Adi can spend thousands of years underground,alone,longing for Elam for so long...o.e If I feel lonely at night,hoping for a BFF to have sleepovers with and to share the BESTEST secrets,yet for three hours can't take being alone anymore..,Then I don't think I could live life Saphhira.-.-

Well... I don't know i have no friends so yes but i wud lov somebody to be my friend.

Because I'm home schooled i don't make any friends.I feel lonely a lot so I spend a lot of my time in my room and write or draw.It helps a little but...I don't know,what should I do.

yo streight up livin wit 9 other sibs younger than you is so stressful but i get through it (sometimes)and wen ur the oldest its kinda like hey wen am i gonna get some attention i write poems to express how i feel i have a whole book full but for right now im just gonna post one: Pain its u i blame for makin this noise for causin this pain for takin my voice and i need it to stop like and old tired clock before my body drops and my mind goes pop and man u better try maybe u got to lie maybe u gonna die and aint it ashame u aint got no one to blame for makin me cry and causin me pain and wen ur six feet under ground and ur lost and cant be found

i always feel only sometimes i wish people would pay more attetion to me

I sent Bruno a link that shows his songs appearing twice on the best songs of 2011. *SQUEEEEEE* Hasn't repiled, thank gawsh he didn't delete it though. And I doubt it's a poser, he's almost 600 fans now!! Oh mi, I'm such a brainwashed fan.

Ramonie, Oh me gosh. Oh me gosh. Oh m- -continues to mutter- Let's seriously hope it's not a poser. It'd be seriously AWESOME if you actually talked to somebody who is Bruno Mars!

No. Seriously. BlueDessert. I TALKED TO BRUNO MARS. ON FANPOP. ME, THE OUTCAST. I'M NOT LYING. Fanpop's a place for being fangirls/fanboys, basically, and talking about stuff you love. I visit it every day, and the fans of things like Disney Princesses and One Direction are the nicest of people along with IML I've met. I'm blossomyumyum with 102 fans currently and I'll never forget being a Hooligan who got to speak to Bruno on there, everyone on the page of him wants to. He even joined it himself, I stalked him before he actually posted on my wall. The convo? Me: So apperantly Bruno Mars is a fan of himself. Score!! Bruno_Mars: Of course I am. *I died* Me, squealing: HIIIII BRUNO. (Secretly thinking about why he's on my page) Him, Bruno_Mars: HEYYY. Me: Lol I love your songs. I should've talked to him about Count On Me. He has 505 fans, too. It better not be a poser, that post on my wall made my evening.

Ramonie, XD -sighs- Poker faces. I can do one 'ere, but I can't do the mouth, 'Kay? -. -. Woah, WHAT! Bruno. Is. A. Fan. Of. You. In. FanPop. Wait, what's Fanpop? XD I imagine saying it stupidly. XD

*Poker faces BlueDessert* What's wrong with the original? BTW, you guyz, Bruno is a fan of me on Fanpop. WOOO~


My kindergarden teacher died on Good Friday,which was sad because it had to do something with God. My princable e-mailed to my Mom. It was a sad moment. Nobody killed him. It was a sickness, and he died in the hospital. Poor thing. His grave stone Says: "FRANK PEREZ". I almost cried. Good bye, Mr. P. Good bye. *sob*.

Yeah, I tend to feel lonely alot. But I'm also one of those people that actually craves alone time. I like hanging out with my friends, but sometimes I like to be by myself.

I just like listening to It Will Rain (sung by Kidz Bop 21, though) everytime I'm lonely. -sigh- It seems perfect. The song, the loneliness, the rain.

Ramen- Oh, good! I'm sorry, I was just so worried you were mad at me! But I'm glad you're not. ^-^

I've had numerous imaginary friends,two pet rocks,and I talk to my ferret like she was my sister...(CUZ IT'S TRUE!!) o.e

i am the second odlest homeschooled.......... need i go on?????? :(

I`m SO sorry *Cries* * smiles* Hey you like the sims too? Yay

Nance, have you tried XMSims1, 2 & 3? You can find Chobits stuff, random stuff, anything but you can't search!

Yes I felt lonely when I couldn't go outside I was so mad and I was lonely that my sister had a boyfriend to comfort her and I had nothing.

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