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What are your favorite ways to express yourself?
--From Annie, 11

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Here's what other kids had to say:

RamonaGirl...Rome was built in a day...BY Chuck Norris!!! People built cars to get away from Chuck Norris.People built planes cuz they thought he couldn't fly. Some kids wear Superman pajamas. Superman wears Chuck Norris PJs. RandomNinja...Whoa.Do you like drawing? Do you hate it when people crack knuckles? Do you like minty-chocolate- stuff? Do you like animals as much as I do? Hahaha...Take that! I betcha we are EXACTLY alike!!!

Ferretlover, I LOVE Chuck Norris jokes. They can be so funny! There was this one comment I saw on a video from Youtube with super fast music playing, and it said, "Chuck Norris can sing this twice as fast." xD

Through art, poetry/stories, photography, the way I dress, my interests....and like, yeah. lol XD

ferret- I have a personal stalker! :D How did you know that I love bacon and peanut butter? :3 And in our "Separated at Birth" story, you forgot to mention that Bat-Man was there. ;D

RandomNinja--I'm gonna assume you like bacon and peanut-butter too...And yes I do think we're lost sisters! SEPARATED AT BIRTH BY A NINJA TURTLE AND KERNEL SANDERS,THE JFC GUY!!! I dunno why...Perhaps they didn't want two people so alike to live in the same home...Cuz they didn't want sibs to get along do well! DOES ANYBODY HERE LIKE CHUCK NORRIS JOKES? I do! *runs around in circle then jumps out window* ME GONNA GO INSANE WITH HYPERNESS!!! Weeeee...

ferretlover217- You're like the sister I never had! :D I swear, we are almost exactly the same person! xD I am so serious! Except I'm a wimpy-little-girl. o.@

CowChow,You guessed it! Exept I'm around 4'101/2 and my eyes are dark brown,not blue...But you are on the dot!!!

What VickiB said. 114% me.

Cute ferret natashaton!!! Mine wants to play with yours!!! <{;}3:(====)~~~~~ *dooks happily* Ohhhh I feel so Kawaii sometimes...😁❤

You can call me Natasha-something-or-another, Po-Chan. It just doesn't sound right to call me Natashaton-san, for some reason...<(:)====--- <- Ferret being a fert!

Ferret, I guess thaT YOU are about 5', asian-american, 12, dark blue big eyes, some acne but only enough to look preteen cute.

RandomNinja,YES!! Same here! I <3 complete sentences and wacky words!!! If you look at my other posts you'll see that it's true...😊☺😁😝💙💜💗💚❤💓👍👋

I express myself by doing what I do everyday =P Everything I do expresses who I am

for me it's music. Everything i read, hear, say, or do reminds me of a tune, lyric, or song.

i would like to expresss myself with steal playing with dolls i am 11

through writing in general. [i sought my soul, but my soul could not see, i sought my God, but my God eluded me, i sought my brother and i found all three}+:)

I express myself by using complete sentences while using idiotic words... I guess. xD

Um,bunniesrok,how come you stand up for the YSI pages so much when you yourself don't post very many posts? No offense,or anything,I'm just sayin'... Why?

Blythe dolls are cute in a weird way.... :) TOTALLY RANDOM!!!!!!

Funny faces!!! (-.-') ($-$) (¥.¥) (!o!) (>.<) (^•^) (*_*) (#>.<) (^.<) (^∇^)o(^▽^)o ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ (^∇^)( T_T)\(^-^ ) (`_´)ゞ. (^◇^)♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪. <{;}3(====)~~~~~ <--------ferret!!! I hope you guys liked these! But these are my fave smileys right here----->. (^w^)/ : ) ;D ;P (-.-')/

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