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What are your favorite ways to express yourself?
--From Annie, 11

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Here's what other kids had to say:

CakeIsStolen- Awww, I feel stalked. ♥ It's okay. I've always wanted a stalker. ^o^ Ferrie is much funnier than I, but thank you for saying I helped you smile...and laugh. x3

Ramonie, XD That's just creepy! I wonder who that Dr. Evil Hater of All Things Awesome looks like .. twin of Chuck Norris?

My favorite way to express myself are...WHEN OTHER PEOPLE NOTICE!!!!! *waves arms back and forth* NOTICE ME YET??? Good now you can get to know me! WAIT NO don't walk away I'm better than you think...! Awwwww there went a potentially good randomizing victim...(--.--;)

RandomNinja and ferretlover217-you guys rock! I'm watching this conversation you guys have (NONONO don't take that the wrong way I'm not a stalker) and I cracked up! GO FLUFFY RAINBOW MAN-EATING UNICORNS!!

i express my self as nice and kind but my haters say i am jelous of them you know how haters is they want you from top to bottom but they are my haters so i know that much

BlueDessert, cause it's DINNER TIME DINNER TIME DINNER TIME YAHHH... Lol, not really. I guess 'cause he's as tall as an airplane... 8DDDD I saw him before I went to bed last night, I swear!!

The way that I express myself is when I write my stories, because I put my input of situations in my characters personlaities as well as actions.

i like singing to express myself because one me and a couple of friends wanna be in a band our band name is pretty in blue

RamonaGirl, XD Sister! I'm above in Canada! Alberta! Edmonton! How did he even blow me THAT far? Help! XD

Bat-Man and Bob the Builder are always forgotten. 3': xD

The way I express my self is through music but my parents tottaly don't get it!!

RandomNinja--There's two things in life that are awesome besides peanut butter,bacon,sushi,and ferrets.Zombies.And Ninjas.Combine them,and you get the ultimate result I a experiment gone completely awesome! I am NinjaFerret on Textfree...Lol.And RaminaGirl,you forgot the part where shot us from a Silly Band to five states in America...And then flash took our Mom's real babies just when they came out of their bodies and switched them instead,so they are together instead of us!!! How cruel...LOL Maybe he decided if we could be together we would be almost like clones and become too powerful and alike for this world to comprehend...Ajyos12,In what way r we alike??(-.-')

Chuck Norris donated his heart... twice. Red Bulls and Monsters drink Chuck Norris energy drinks. Chuck Norris's mustache beat up Rocky. ALMIGHTY CHUCK NORRIS!! Just kidding. (Peeta's better)

Hey, Ferret. I'm reading your posts all over IML, and you and I are a lot alike!

I love to draw (manga in particular)! And I also like to have a journal... I also like to draw on my arm. I also rant if I dislike something, and post my rants (their written) on to DeviantArt.

Zombieninja- My life just melted before my eyes when I read your name! :D It is SO, So, So awesome! x3 Maybe we're sisters. :D P.S. I still don't know who Chuck Norris is. o.O

ferret- I found a CLONE! :D Oh my gosh! I can't wait to walk up to my mom, and say "Hey, Mom... guess what? Naww, you'll never guess I have a clone!" xD It'll be great. ;D

Ferretlover, *rolls on floor hooting with laughter holding stomach tears in the eyes* I LOVE minty chocolates, only kind I can really eat. This is what happened to us and Pandora, BlueDessert, and RandomNinja: We were born all together. Then, an evil man named Dr. Evil Hater of All Things Awesome decided to take Pandora and BlueDessert away. Then, Superman came up and tried to put them back together, but his eyes got blinded by a shot of soy peanut butter! After that he took us apart, but then, the legendary and only Chuck Norris came in a tutu. We were ALMOST staying together, but then.... a dragon appeared and blew fire far enough to separte us.

I just cant express myself like my friends and sometimes i lie to make sense of the world and i even make up stories but i am too old for it now and i don't know what to do i just wish that someone else felt the way that I feel. I have a different approach to life that is all.

I just learned who Chuck Norris was today... I know it's really sad, I feel like a disgrace to the human race. ;) I always loved Chuck Norris jokes I just never knew who he was...

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