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What do you do to help the environment?

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Here's what other kids had to say:

I only keep the faucet on, when I am using it.

i started using ecosmart lightbulbs i pick up trash don't use all the lights in the house at once what is some ways you help your enviorment

Sometimes i pick up trash that laying around like on school...maybe even at home

Somtimes I pick up trash. I maen you dont want the earth to be a waste land right? If it was we wodent live enywher... we wodent have food... cloths... or enthing all we wuld have is trash thats wy keep the earth cleen

@kayshu then we can blame you when the world turns into a wasteland from to much garbage.

kayshu- why not? do you want to livwe in a world filled with pollution?

easy,I don't.

pick up trash,keep the earth clean,i help pepole in need

pick up trash keeping the earth clean.

well i turn off the light and dont leave the water runnning when i brush my teeth and i dont litter (onless on acsident) and i make purses out of candy rapers that helps all thoes thins that could fly away

I don't run water too much; I always try to turn my light off when I'm not using it. Sometimes my mom turns my bedside lamp on for my parakeet though. I'm like, "Mom, why do you that? She's fine in the dark!" And she says, "I feel bad for her in there by herself in the dark!" Lol!

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