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What do you do to help the environment?

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Here's what other kids had to say:

i save the enviorment by sleeping XD it doesnt waste energy because when im awake i go staight to the computer

I am such a green machine I love plants and have been a vegetarian for a really long time.

Clean up the park.

I love Rage Comics. *Forever alone*

I am doing Eeekoworld's Turn off the Power for and Hour thing. Anyone else doing it??

Firebell--I looked up Rage Comics.Thy are sooooo...Filled with unnessery language and all sorts of bad stuff...Never went back.An how does that even help the environment?!

My friend and I really want to start a club after school that will help raise awareness for endangered animals. It's still a work in progress, but we have at least one supporter!

Hey, I really get what you guys are saying about kayshu, but if he/she wants to act that way, let off them. I do numerous things to help the enviroment, but don't try to pressure people into your way of thinking. Please don't take this the wrong way.

I pick up litter. I plant plants. I recycle. I do not waste. That is how I help the environment!!! by Candygirl363

Friend me if you care!

I try to conserve. kayshu, helping is really important. People who dont care are what is responsible for saturating rain for weeks on end, scorching summers, and freezing winters.

i want to start recycling and i feel really bad about global warming and stuff like that because us humans can be really greedy!

I feel so bad about the oil spill, those poor, poor little animals! The oil spill was on the Gulf of Mexico, and it infected all of the coasts, even to Florida! The problem is mostly solved, but it is still leaking a bit. I was devastated by how many animals didn't make it. One of my favorite ani animals are Sea Otters, and I hope seals didn't get hurt either or any other animals.

I READ RAGE COMICS! *forever alone as other people look at me with the "Seriously?" face. Look it up online*


Horsekrazyg,that is sooo funny!I never litter,but sometimes it gets really,really tempting to throw a wrapper on the ground,doesn't it?

It's not stupid, Surviving! It's efficient!

kayshu~What is your problem? Why don't you want to help the enviroment?? :(

I know this is stupid, but.... I have a litter picker up (to pick up litter) and I pick up litter while I jog.....It's exercise and it helps the environment!It's a win-win.

i use the same water bottle to drink out of at shcool

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