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Have you or someone you know ever dealt with clinical depression?

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i need help on how to tell people how i am feeling. at school we are learning how to help other people and yourself. they say it is unhealthy to keep things away from your family and friends but the teachers don't get it. lots of kids around the age of 10-14 can't figure out how to say what they feel so it doesn't make them feel awkward.

my uncle died

I've been fighting depression but I don't know what type. I cry about everything these days and worry constantly. I never want to do anything, and the worst part is- only one person knows. There is nothing worse than knowing that no one in your family or any of yours friends care enough about you to notice. Nothing worse than feeling invisible, useless, and a bother to everyone. Can ANYONE out there help me? Tips, anything? Btw: If you know who I am: DO NOT TELL ANYONE! Please..

sometimes I have it and i bet everyone has it but its not a big deal because its going to go through life and all you need to do is just be your self you need to have high liking in yourself.Just have fun.

JBeth---Wow.I didn't even know 7-year-olds could GET depressed...0.e You have a really severe case,then...I would tell somebody...Of course,just remember I'm here for anyone who could use a little cheering up!-wO

ferretlover217, thanks so much! that totally made my day:)

Nerver mind my sister is out.

My sister has bad depression and is in the hospital right now. She should come out tomorrow, but thats what we thought two days ago. Please pray for her.

I was deprest when my 2 best friends died. they commited suicide bec ause of people bulling them. i thought of joining them in death. but my best friends helped me out and my family where there to help me. I am always happy now and I can think of them without crying and now can smile.

i went trough a time when I always thought of ways to harm myself. My parents noticed that something was wrong with me, and asked me about it. I was all like, "I don't have to tell you. I have a right to keep my feelings to myself!" They eventually forced me to tell them, and when I did, my mother just got out of the car like"And it took that long just to say that!

Go. Leave My. Mind. Already. Every song like this, I can't stop thinking about you. "'Cause I'm broken, when I'm lonesome... and I don't feel right. When you're gone..../"No way to fight, I wanna hold you high and steal your pain." Gosh, this has to be the best featuring other singer's song since Bring Me To Life, in fact, Broken can be helping me even more. Never will tears stop destroying hazel eyes.

Every single one ignores me. Where ever I am. Even here. Maybe it'd just be better if I go. Maybe the world hates me. Why me though? Impossible to get the dream! I'm sick of thinking of it. Just, impossible. I just want to go to Hollywood already and get my own video blogs. But you know what? I bet you I'm not even going to become close. People just don't understand depression. They don't understand how much my fetishes mean to me. I scare myself.... Oh Well, No One Gave A Second Thought. I'm lucky if anyone ever talks to me.

i don't seriously suffer from anything.... but i always get depressed for the smallest of things. i just can't help it. then i take it out on my family and friends then i get even more upset because I've hurt people....

I'm 14 years old. I have had depression since I was 7 maybe even before. When I started 1st grade all the kids started bullying me and excluding me from their "groups". I have been to 5 different schools because my family moves a lot. The bullying went on in till 7th grade. At one point it got so bad that I tried to harm myself. In 8th grade (which is this year) I joined virtual school. It's like home school but you do all your work on the computer. So I don't have to worry about getting bullied but there are still things that are making me depressed. Like my family. I live with my mother, stepfather, and my two half brothers. My mother is very immature and childish. My step father is very rude and just plain mean. My older brother is in the army now but when he stilled lived here he made my life a living h. He would call me names, he would hit me, he would never let me on the computer, he just plain out loved to see me cry. I know this might sound mean but the day he left for th

Ramen- Why're you cryin', sweets? Don't do that! D: Unless you're happy, because that kind of crying is wonderful. :) Ferrie- Aww, I'm glad you think about me that way. :) I haven't had nothing but memories of him for six years... He was arrested on charges of "Child Abuse"... I didn't think it was that bad... o.o

UndeadSoldier---;( Have you talked to anyone in real life about this?! Does your parents even care??? D:

I have bipolar disorder and anxiety, i got so upset i trashed my room, and then threw everything away except my ipod, computer, and phone. ._. now im crying and wheezing.

Randi,ya know what I love about what u just said about your Daddy? You still love him and are willing to forgive him.Now that's special.Some kids are like,"AWWWW Man my Dad stinks...I wish my dad wasn't so protective or embarrassing it blah blah bla..."I love how you see the good in him and are excited to see him home.^.^ I feel tempted to ask what he did but in not gonna...Sinve that's be sorta awkward...DarkAngel,AW man...You're In a pickle...Have u ever talked to your Ma about it???

'Awww. *Cries for RandomNinja*. I can't stop crying, either...

My Papa is out of jail! :D I missed him so much... but now I cry all of the time for some reason.

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