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Have you or someone you know ever dealt with clinical depression?

Unfortunately, these pages are no longer accepting new posts. We are so proud of the IML community for creating such a wonderful place to exchange stories, opinions, and advice. We hope you'll check out all the great comments that have already been posted, and that we'll be able to take new submissions again in the future.


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I don't think I have never found anything more relaxing than talking to you.

Just a reminder to everyone on here (we read every comment and sometimes worry about you!): If you're not sure whether or not you have depression, or just need some advice, check out IML's Depression section. We also urge you to talk to a trusted adult -- a family member, school counselor, teacher or group leader -- or call one of our recommended hotlines. Please don't suffer in silence!

That horrible moment when someone grabs your arm.

My depression is coming back:( Ever since I did my last childrens musical at my chruch, I've been crying every night. Everytime i go to church, I cry because I remember all the fun times we had in choir and now their all...Gone. I cry all the time now. Its been 2 weeks and i cant control it. I just wish I can go on stage again and sing and act and have fun again. The next choir doesnt do musicals, and when they do, they hardly have any acting and they always give the parts to the 11th and 12th graders! The choir is for 7th-12th graders! It isnt fair! I also cry alot cuz my friends at church leave me out ALOT. They do 'VBS" musicals behind my back and dont ask me if i wanna audtion for them-and the musical is at my church!! So, the last VBS I was in, in summer 2011, was one of the most misrable weeks of my life! Its hard to explain why it was bad... :'(

I'mnotthereI'mnotthereIpromiseIamnotthereI'mnothereI'mnotthere... I'm right next to you. Can you see me?

When I was 10 I ahd depression but I got over it!

I can't believe I'm in hysterics right now, because of a message. It's coming! Coming! Don't let it come!!

My sister goes through it sometimes a lot.

Hi Aster22: Excellent question! Mostly we change it because the word "cutting" is quite graphic, especially for our users who are 8 or 9. We also change it to "self-harm" because "self-harm" includes other things, and we want kids to understand that there are many forms of this problem, not just cutting. We want them to learn about it too!

I feel like some people dont get what I go through

@7sleepersfan I know you're pain b4 my father was arrested he was abusive and that gave me deoression. that was 11 years ago but i;m still depressed. my mom thinks i'm faking it. but the good news is you don't have to be christian to go to heaven and you can always be saved. god belives in you and so do i.

I have dealt with depression for about 2 years now but just recently, the school and my mom has gotten involved. It has prevented me from eating or hanging out with friends and all I want to do sometimes is go to sleep and never wake up. I have done stuff that I regret and it haunts me everyday, which is probably why I am depressed.

It's impossible to know. Some days I feel jumpy-jumpy happiness. Other days I just want to run from everyone I know. I don't think i'm depressed. I wouldn't tell anyone I am. But I just don't know..

@Invisible360- you need to tell an adult. Even if it isn't a parent, tell someone. You could tell a trusted teacher, and talk about it, so that maybe they might help you to tell your parents. My parents actually took me to the doctor, and that's how i found out about myself.... but since your parents don't know, you need to tell them!! hope this helps!!!

Me and my friend both have depression....My dog died when i was four and my best friend made me unable to trust and i dont want to be friends with many people so I wont feel diffrent or left out....Am I not youre avrage eleven year old?

I'm turning 13 in six months. I think I have depression: I find myself crying and I don't even know why, I rather to be alone than in public, I listen to music about people who have depression-like problems, and I'm almost always thinking about harming myself. It's been going on for seven years now, ever since my Mom told me she hated me for the fist time. I'm scared to tell anyone, only one other person knows, and I know if I tell my parents they'll get all angry at me, and say that I don't really have a problem, that I'm just faking it so I can possibly get out of doing some things. I practically hate living. I know that if I die, I won't be going to heaven, I'm not a Christian. I've tried to become one, but I've never really felt that I've really been saved. So I'm really scared.

Yes, my friend, Sasha, she always says nobody likes her because a boy named Ethan in bullying her

IML- just out of curiosity, why don't you let us use the word "cutting" on here? It's not any more violent then "self-harm" is and that's what you always replace it with. I think more kids need to know about cutting.

i am bipolar im considered "DUMB" because i am the class with the lowest test scores and lowest grades in math.i get upset and angry because its not true. my class just doesnt like school and im the only person in the class who gets decent gardes everyone is failing and is probably going to repeat the 8th grade im just so glad the school year is over

Invisable360, yes of course people out there can help you. The best people would be your parents, if they don't help, find anyone you trust in and tell them. You don't have to be scared.People always think of me as a bother and it stinks, I know it does. You just have to live though it, no matter the urge. there are people out there who love you. Never forget that.

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