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Have you ever experienced the death of someone you loved? What do you remember most about him or her?

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Here's what other kids had to say:

MY DAD DIED 9 MONTHS before I was born and i am 9 now and my sister had died wen i was 5 and 4 of my dogs had died to. my life is very hard i have tons of emotions. and you should pray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! m&m age 9

So, since I don't wanna talk about Noel... Rue's death, anyone? Buckets of tears are filled on my book. :'CCCCC

I was 11 years old, it was the wednesday before march break 2012 and we were talking and my mom started throwing up and then my dad took her to the hospital and my grand parents stayed with me, my brother, and my sister. it was midnight when they came back and they said that my mom had broken a bone near her left breast and it made it hard to breath so she had to breath in small portions which caused hyperventalation which lead to throwing up and then the first saturday of march break i was with my brother, my cousin Dillon and my dad and we were going to the WWE tour in Toronto Ontario Canada and my dad got a phone call that my mom was feeling so sick and that she needed us. When we got back i was made to go into the living room and stay there. i was there for about an hour when my dad said:"Josh! Come here!". i said ok and went to him in the basement when he told me the news about mom and i was devistated!!

bluedessert aww i think i said this aready ill say it again Cuppy is waiting for you she is waiting with your family in Heaven being taken care of till you meet her one day too.

That. Is. One sad book, 1485. :"C

my old friends dad died and she blamed it on me... said it was all my fault!! like really marissa?

did you know that whitney houston died,very sad,i loved her muisic.she died so young

im mad at my stupid aunt!! well this is going to be lonnnnnnnnnngggggggg... well my great grandma,memaw died 1/11/09 and she let the house go to my aunt. well my aunt married a bad guy and now she is letting that house go for sale. Well memaw and me have always had a amazing bond like no kind. and by the way there is a factory behind the house and the factory wants it!!! :'( sooooo, my whole family is hating on my aunt... GRRRRR

Wow .. thanks guys for supportin' me (I know, I know. It's on the 'What's On Your Mind?' page.) throughout Cuppy's pass. I guess it was sorta my fault .. I didn't get her fixed, since female ferrets die when they don't have a mate, and I didn't give her a mate. But I will never buy another ferret that will replace Cuppy. So I am always wearing a blue cupcake necklace everyday. (XD THAT's where you get BlueDessert!) Well, anyways, I'm going t- -looks at iPhone3- I think I'm gonna write a story!

my aunt ruby died last week

have any of y'all ever read the book: Mick Harte Was Here BY: Barbara Park?? Sad,Sad,Sad,Sad book!!! :'(( no matter how old you are, ya gotta read it!! right?? :(

i keep having dreams were i just fell asleep and in my dream i am falling of a cliff!then i jolt in a scared of way....then wake up!!!!!!!what should i do?

I was so sad when *SPOILER ALERT FOR DIOM* Karen died... :''''''''''''(

My greatgandpa died last year. I miss him very much.

PandaLoverXD- Thats what my great grandma had, she didn't remember her own husband for a while. He thought my grandma was her aunt Jewl. My great grandpas still alive but my grandpa is dead. I remember when he was dieing. He had that thing where your bones weaken until you can't breathe anymore. He couldn't talk, and he had a bell thingy. Everyone bought him stuffed cats, and he didn't want me to watch him die. I was 4.

My great grandma died last year in January. Two weeks after Christmas. We visited her on newyears, and she was gone a few days later. --UndeadSolder

SnapDragon, Me too. :'((((

My friend Jaylen died in a car accident 3 days after our birthday.A drunk driver hit them.

My great Aunt died in 2011. So sad

I really fell bad for my dad because his dad died really recently .I have a pic of him in my room and I cry and cry.

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