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Have you ever experienced the death of someone you loved? What do you remember most about him or her?

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My grandma from my mom's side died of cancer close to my birthday in 2006. She took care of my brother sister and I when we were just little babies. When she stared to fell ill mommy took her back to Uganda in Africa and took care of her. When my mom came back she was crying. Sometimes I see her on a funreul website looking at her mom's picture and crying. Then in 2010 when my family took a trip to Uganda we visited a island where my grandma's grave was at and the the grave was beautiful. When my mom's brothers and sisters held a 3-day funreal service. On one day my mom and her brothers and sisters went to her grave and when they came back my mom was crying and hugging her sister. I miss my grandma but I know that she is in God's good hands.

I had a hamster and so did my brother. My brother's hamster named Tom died first, my mom said he was probablly sick. My brother cried for awhile. When we moved to California my hamster Pinky was still alive. The hotel where we were staying at didn't allow pets so we kept her in the car with water,food, and a towel. My parents suggested to sneak her in but I refused. When I was coming to the hotel from school my parents said that Pinky died. I was angry at the people who didn't take in pets in cages and angr at myself for not agreeing to sneak Pinky in.

You have an iPhone 4!?!?!? Dang! I don't even have a phone! Oh..... Yeah... Sorry about Cuppy. ( - -;)

Joshua, That is SSSOOO sad!!:'(

My sister died, but that was before I was born.... but I still sort of wonder what it would've been like having two sisters...

AWWWWW, I know how you feel megandjustin. I will talk to you a lot to make you feel better.

My pet bird died this morning.My dad tried to help.*cries* i miss it.

iz hav three 2 ar doggys and then my grandma and i didin,t get to say good bye i miss you chey chey,docoda bear,and garandma colie.

Curse you, fears. Curse you, shyness. Curse you, temperamental. Curse you, past. Curse everything.

Joshua---Awww,that's so sad.:*( I'd hate it if any of my patents died...I'd miss them,of course,and...I'd have to...*gulp* GO TO A SCHOOL BUILDING!!! X(

My grandpa died when I was 5

in 2010, my cousin Teresa died, my cousin Dan died the following year!

My rabbit died and she was my best friend

My Papaw died when I was four and I don't really remember much about him, but I've cried a couple of times because I miss him so much. Plus, the only two times I got to see him were at 7 months old and 2 years old.


Soon I know I'll wake from this dream. Don't try to fix me, I'm not broken." "Suddenly, I know I'm not sleeping! Hello, I'm still here! All that's left of yesterday...." "Don't want to forget how it feels... I wanna stay in love with my sorrow. But, I want to let it go." "I can't hold onto me, wonder what's wrong with me." "Can't break free until I let it go." "In the end, I guess I have to fall." What would I do without you, Amy Lee? I'll always love you.

My grampa great great grandpa died a few years back. He owned a candy shop. I was crying for 30 minuets srait cause of his death. I wish I could go to heaven with him. But for now, I'm alive.

Both My Grandmothers passed away in 2011. They passed away 4 months apart. I have went through a lot this year and am finally better.

When I was five my grandfather died after he died my grandma has never been the smae. I never knew how he died and im afraid to ask. WE used to have a beautiful flower garden and my grandma used to take care of it but know its is not here anymore. My favorite dog daisy died in 2011 and ive had that dog my hole life and my grandma to and she had to put him down. It was december close to christmas and I miss her so much. The only thing I have left of that dog is her bandana she used to wear. The only thing I have of my grandpa is the music box he gave my grandma. she loved that music box so much, she never let me touch it on my own. Out of all of her grand children she chose me to keep it.


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