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If you could help your community, what would you do?
--From Jenny, 10

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Here's what other kids had to say:

well i know now what the S in SOPA means thanks to SOPA chatters. ( it means sutpid.)

I would pick up all the trash in our neighborhood.

Frug6tyui,Dumb Sopa.The S in Sopa stands for STUPID!


i love to help my commuinity because i do it to help people not just my self. i usually pick up garbage or pick up things that are trashy around peopl's neighbior hood and streets every ware i go.

I would just halp the poor

I would help take care of a pond.

you can clean a river

omg frug6tyui not trying to affend you in any sort of way but you got pretty overwelmed on that topic! but i think it's good that your conserned. i don't even really understand what SOPA really is. must me good that i don't!:)

yeah but i want it back hah

frug6tyui--whoa! that's pretty xtreme...

Hey, 1nancydrew1! I donated my hair too! I've done it twice, and it's kind of cool seeing your hair in a braid or ponytail on the floor or cabinet, isn't it?


frug6tyui,that's horrible!What would we without YouTube!?!?!? :O *hides in a box thats in a box that leads to CandyLand* Yay! Everything's ok in CandyLand! But seriously,THEY CANNOT GO THROUGH WITH THIS!

Have any of you heard of SOPA? it's for Stop Online Piracy Act. any website that has pirated music will be shut down if this law passes. that means Youtube, eBay, Yahoo, zynga, (OMG every game on my ipod touch is by zynga) wikipedia and a lot of others. just trying to get the word out that it's a bad thing. SOPA could kill jobs. SMOSH, for example, all of their videos are on youtube. they have a site, but nobody goes on it. if youtube gets shut down, SMOSH is over. we got two 1st-grade girls to chant, "I HATE SOPA! GIVE US PRIVACY!" it was adorable! they also will "spy" on every move on your computer. you won't have any privacy on your computer at all. now you might see how horrible this law is. just post here if you're interested!

I donated a BEAUTIFUL ponytail to Locks Of Love I think mabye winter before last? Anyway i'm growing my hair out again. It's a shaggy bob, a little over shoulder length.

i love to volunteer to help homeless people and animals and i love doing walks for causes! i get such a good feeling from helping people and animals and the environment!!!!

I would stay in cub scouts and help peaple and help family and friends.

koopafan be my friend please this is jovian

I joined the clubs.I clean up

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