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What makes you really angry? How do you deal with it?

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Here's what other kids had to say:

Whan i'm angry,I just try and cool it.For example,you are at a store & you see something you really like.You bring it to your mother or father.They say'sorry,you just cannot buy it'.So just cool it. Mabye you can save up for it.......

Shira: Being the sickly one in my family, I've sort of been in your brother's shoes. Remember this: no one chooses illnesses or disabilities. It's not his fault he has special needs. Also being someone with anger issues, channel your anger somewhere else. Punch a pillow, write, etc.

i have a fit

i ussally just take 3 deap breaths and take crayons and paper and scribble.

I think of random stuf.Like cupcakes or cup-cakes.I all ways go on a tangents. first cupcakes then at the end I'm talking about a picles.

what really makes me angry is really my friends leaving me behind . I would suggest at least always have a stress ball with you or you can tell an adult you trust you can also tell your parents to arrange a talk with the kid that made you angry.

i agnore that person who is making me angry

My brother has special needs and i hit him and get angry with him and i blame it on my mom. What should i do?

Snapdragon12, hmm.. drinking a few thousand gallons of icy cold water can help a bit.

Ramonie, wait, I'm not gonna respond to your last post for a minute .. one sec .. okay. Where I got that hairspray/rubbing alcohol thing, it's just that Cut book again. Amanda/Manda. XD I read that book. Over and over, again. Patricia is a good writer, you know.

my little brother i really annying! and he just won't shut up. any sugestions on how to shut him up??

i deal with my anger by smashing breaking hammering and punching really hard books it doesn't hurt at all

my mom i will just blow up if she doesn't shut up i'm just sayin

I'm such a hothead! Any suggestions to how to cool down?? GRRRRRRR

Lets see...I'm sure there's lots of things but the only one I can think off the top of my head is chickens.and not the cute little baby chicks,no,I'm talking about full grown,adult,chickens....

What makes me really angry is when people confuse my parents for my grandparents...I don't know, it just ticks me off; its not my fault they're in their 50's and 60's!

the thing that makes me angry is when my brother wont leave me alone in peace

I used to be so depressed, i'd hurt myself. I listen to screamo music somehow it just idunno, helps. Sometimes, i think about hurting myself again. I often wonder what it'd feel like to give myself pain, i forget how it feels. But I don't really want to hurt myself. I'll just eat a bunch of icecream give myself brainfreeze. that's painful enough. :l

It's easy for me to solve my issue without getting mad, but when it's ['Nyan Cat FLY!' related] hard work I've been working on for precious hours of my time being destroyed, run as fast as you can to get away, I'll GRRRRRR until my throat hurts.

Gingerz, yeah, I itch myself sometimes after pulling it back and forth so many times... you don't have to feel sorry. Some people want to hear what happened to me in elementary, but I have figured they're cold from telling; they'll raise their eyebrow, and give an awful face expression while saying it isn't funny. I don't know what makes them think I'm the kind of person who giggles over non-humorous, rather serious facts.

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