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What makes you really angry? How do you deal with it?

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I'm VERY short-tempered (I'm a red-head, so of course I am) and I usually just keep it all bundled up inside until I can find a time to just cry it all out, or when I've gotten really angry I just sing a song in my head. A few songs that have gotten me through anger problems before are: "Over It," "Anyone But Me," "Perfectly," and "Breakaway." If you don't know them, look 'em up.

I deal with anger by napping or listening to some music :P

I have a girl in class that hates me and hurts me at recess.Well...she hurt me today and I went to the office to get an icepack,so I figured I could ask the principle about our fights,well,she called down Maggie and we had a talk about why we're mean to each other.Now we're friends,BEST FRIENDS.So the moral is just have a personal conversation with your problem's subject and make sure you make it real and don't fight.I hope this helps!Thank you for reading!

Just listen to Amy Lee, Hayley Williams, Seether, Green Day, Simple Plan, Emilie Autumn, Linkin Park, P!nk, or Courtney Love. Problems are forgotten and you for once are not an outcast among the world, which is secretly eating you up. Especially if the song you're listening to is Ignorance, Misery Business, Monster, My Heart Is Broken, Oceans, Swimming Home, Good Enough,Perfect, I'm Just A Kid, Opheliac, Juliet, Fight Like A Girl, Stupid Girls, Don't Let Me Get Me, So What, Funhouse, Family Portrait, or Lithium... why do I relate so freaking much?

Recently, some of my friends who are still in high school had gone to NYC to see a Broadway show and do a Broadway master class, and spend a few days there. What still makes me angry was we were supposed to go last year, when I was a senior, but it didn't happen. Now they're bragging their butts off by posting pictures, making statuses on Facebook, etc. I'm so mad at them, that I plan on ceasing all communication with them. I don't know how to get them to understand, but right now they're being so stuck up about it. So, I feel angry when I can't do something I want to do, especially when it was promised!


What make me angry is my brother is really mean to me, he was having a bad day and he completely took it out on me . Later I found out he got my report card into his hands he read it .But he always new I was a strait A+ student.the I noticed his must not have been as good as mine was. But he is older. mostly ill confront him I am much taller so he would not put up a fight

Deal with angry by talking to someone or just be calm

I deal with anger by going upstairs and watch t.v by myself. Then when I'm calm I come back downstairs.

When I sound angry,I don't feel angry,I feel calm.Meanwhile if I feel angry,I don't sound angry.I've learned to mask my emotions.Leading to me being "tough", since I never cry.And every racist,sexist,judgmental jerk I know makes me angry.

When I get angry I spaz-out! I know thats weird.

I get angry mainly when my brother and sisters are teasing me I am the youngest of four it gets hard sometimes. When I get angry its not a happy thing. I am like a bomb with and very short fuse and when it gets to the end of the line i cant help but scream or want to hurt some one. Still trying to find a way to controle my self but it is very hard Ever felt like this

I get mad when people are mean to me. I take 10 deep breathes to help me calm down. I like to talk to grown ups at my school

Girlscout603- You'll realize when you get older life will never be fair. I'm convinced every parent secretly has a favorite. ._.

Snapdragon12, okay, listen. Take a deep breath, take a deep breathe out. Inhale, exhale. In, out. Now, SHAKE YOURSELF!! If it doesn't make you better, seriously, drink a few thousand gallons of icy-cold water, but it'll only help a little bit.

it have this girl name charpelle and she makes my get really mad

I hear you there princesstart99. My mom makes me try and get along with my siblings even when they break my stuff. One night my brother was angry for a misc. reason and cut the hair off two of my FAVORITE barbie dolls and he did it on MY B-DAY. The worst part was, my mom only stayed steamed at him for the rest of the night!

One time,I bought this expensive doll for my birthday and I loved it!I left my doll in my room for a minute while I got a snack.But when I got back,my little sister had put make up on her and practicully broke my doll!My mom came and saw this and said she was little and I should have been more responsible.Little?RESPONSABLE?!She destroyed my EXSPENSIVE DOLL!I grabbed my doll went to my room and...had a tantrum. I alwats get steamed when my sister destroys my things and my mom said I should have been more responsible!

Oh, I get angry alot. And I maen ALOT. I can't control it, so I usually come home in a bad mood(most times my anger is from school).

@bluedessert ha ha! But seriously. "My temper is matched by no other," Estrella said solemnly. "It runs wilder than the beasts in the Great Fields." Ananda shook her head. "MY temper cannot be competed with." she joked. "It's wilder than a monkey on a sugar high. More insane than a rabid bear on crack.

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