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What makes you really angry? How do you deal with it?

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I mostly just lie on my bed listening to Switchfoot,or text my friends...Especially this guy friend who's quite special to me.:D I have so many amazing friends who i can go to for help that i don't really need to be angry unless something really bad happens...

when i'm angry i listen to angry music haha it's very effective :)

today me and my friends were playing horse ( the basketball game )and i got mad at my two friends the mother came outside and said if everyone was being nice and the mother's son said i keep saying for him to shut up. she never told me to not use that lanuage sc before and i felt kind of worried and sad and mad.

What makes me angry is when people ignore me and when people are rude towards me, my family, or friends and I hate it majorly when people act immature!!! I DO NOT like immature people. I have a major anger problem but I let alot of stuff slide past me. But if it's something that really makes me made I will blow up on the person or even want to fight them. But I've been getting better at calming myself down and not blowing up.

i mostly just like, cry in my bedroom.... :}

(trying to high five Ninjaartemis without going all 'ow' seven billion times) I love Holiday, my favorite song by them has to be either 21 Guns or American Idiot.

@EmoAngle I know how you feel. I'm goth and a lot of people tease me for it. I even had this girl at my school who told me that just because I read scary books, believed in dead souls, lived in a haunted house, and wore black all the time didn't mean that I was goth. I started getting really mad whenever she was around but I would just let my anger out on my friends and family without noticing it. I know that was wrong so now I'm trying to calm down. Thanks, The Goth NextDoor

my dad rly needs 2 do something about his anger!

Wat maks mi angre iz when frends pay no atenshun to mi. I doo noht on no ida wat to doo wiht mi angr, bt I hohp I wll fihnd it.

Counting to 10.....doesent work for me!!!!!:P

I get angry when people tease me for being a Goth.ALL the "cool gang" blame me for stuff in class and I have a fiery temper(to match my red hair).I also get wound up REALLY easily.My advice is: take a DEEP breath and count to 10, talk to somebody you trust, ignore the people who treat you badly.................Good luck!!!


i get angered very fast because i feel like no one does as i ask..i don't ask for much.

I suffer from depression (thanks to this site, I am sure it's manic) and I can get angry just as easy as I can blink. Since it happens often, I can't blow up like I'd like to so I just start singing. Usually I pick a song with a lot of held notes, the longer the better, because then it's like I'm screaming, but in a really pretty way, and then nobody has to know what I'm thinking (because I'm a private person.) Helps me though.

My sisters and brother make me blow my top!The best way t handle that is lock them in a room or lock you in a room and calm down by taking a nap.Also take a nice hot bath/shower.Maybe read a book. Eat a nice bowl of cereal and many more ways.Good luck!

ok some might find this pet nasty but to me at least their not. i asked my mom if i could get a rat, yes, a rat. she said eww ill never have a creature like that in my house. so later on i researched. i researched so much my head was literally going to explode! i looked up pros and cons about them and i told her them i looked up exact pricing and she was really surprised and ended up thinking they were pretty cool. her and my dad said that they were 99.9% sure they would let me get one. at the end they surprised me with a big fat NO. how can i get them to say yes??? i saved up 200$ of MY money and i was incredibly responsible for like a whole month and i promised it would stay that way but still, no. im so angry at them!

its called grab a pillow and punch the heck out of it...DUH! XD

A annoying girl tell secrets from me and my friend.My friend is with me all day. But the meanie is with her friends. SHE IS THE MEANEST IN THE WORLD.

Your not alone NutSquirrel2.

When my brother hits me and throws stuff at me . But he's 2 and I should keep my temper.... Oh but he makes me so mad!

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