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What types of volunteer work have you done, or are you doing now? What's the best part about it?

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Volunteering: Helping With School and Education

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From the Mentors
If you've never volunteered before, your own school can be a great place to start! There are many ways you can help other students and teachers, and generally improve your school and community. Here are some ideas:

If you're really good at a certain school subject, volunteer to help students who need a little extra help with it. Don't feel there's anything you're good at? You might be able to help students from other countries get used to speaking English, as a language tutor or just simply spending time talking to them. Check to see if your school already has a student or peer tutoring program. If it doesn't, tell your teacher or counselor that you're interested in helping someone in need.

Helping teachers and staff
Teaching classes and running a school takes a lot of hard work, and student volunteers can make things a little easier on teachers, office workers, and everyone else who works at your school. As a school volunteer you might:

  • Help make posters, signs and charts
  • Help design or paint wall murals and window decorations
  • Help decorate for special events
  • Participate in the morning announcements
  • Do office work, like making photocopies or word processing
  • Help set up audio and video equipment, like VCR's and TV's
  • Help set up or test computer equipment
  • Lend a hand in the nurse's office

School events
As you know, school is about more than just classes. Look for after-school events and clubs you can volunteer with! For instance, you could be an usher at a school play or musical, take tickets or sell refreshments at a dance, find a way to lend support to a school sports team, or help raise funds for a club or class trip.

Libraries almost always need volunteers to re-shelve books, help with the computers, and assist the public. If you like to work where it's quiet and peaceful, this might be the perfect type of volunteering for you!

Helping out at museums, science centers, and cultural centers can be a great way to learn while volunteering. If you have a special area of interest, like art or astronomy, you might enjoy spending time in a place dedicated to your hobby!

Remember: These types of volunteer opportunities are not as obvious as others. If you like being somewhere and want to help out, don't be afraid to ask. Even if there isn't an "official" volunteer program, the staff might find a way for you to get involved.
Is this right for me?
Volunteering at school or with education is a good choice for people who-
  • Like school and learning
  • Are reliable and creative
  • Are good at working alone
  • Like to work indoors
  • Are good at taking instruction from teachers and adults
  • Are thinking about becoming teachers or educators when they're older

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