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September 11th

What positive things have come out of your experiences since September 11th?
What have you learned about yourself?

Here's what other kids had to say:

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"I was scared for my dad because he worked there."
--Krissy, 9

"I learned that all people aren't nice and that President Bush is smart to fight back. I would have voted for him but I'm not allowed to vote yet. I was in school in Florida when it happend. One of the 5th grade teachers knocked on the door. After my teacher Mrs. Haynsley came back she told us about it. I was scared. I never thought that something this bad would happen. I am still scared. I still love to ride on airplanes. I feel safe."
--Darian, 8

"I feel very bad for those people who lost their lives on September 11th. Bin Laden is a chicken, but America will find him and bring him to justice. I hope all of you have a MERRY CHRISTMAS, CHANUKAH AND KWANZA."
--Mike, 11

"To be honest I was pretty sad on 9/11. First of all I would like to say Rest In Peace to my Aunt Betty and everyone else who died on 9/11. My Aunt Betty worked in Tower 1. It was September 2, 2001 and we had just left New York from visiting her and then a few days later my aunt was killed in the terrorist attacks. My quote is to live each day to the fullest."

"I was very scared when I heard what happened and I remembered that my friend was in New York at the time so all I could do was just pray for the best."
--Kristina, 11

"I was scared for my family. I was in math class when it happened. The loudspeaker came on and they said it. It was an emotional and scary day. THANK YOU FIREFIGHTERS, POLICE, AND AMERICANS!!!"
--Kevin, 9

"I think about the Twin Towers all the time."
--Kristi, 10

"I think that it made us all proud to be American."
--Ceara, 10

"Life is for living. Forget the past and think of the future."
--Gemma, 12

"I felt really guilty that all those people had to suffer just because they were at the wrong place at the wrong time."

"I think about it all the time because of all the people that lost their lives."
--Astena, 12

"When everyone thinks about 9/11, it's kinda strange. I mean, if they thinkabout 9/11 so much. What about the Civil War? More people died in that than in anything imaginable! Why is that?"
--Bobbie, 12

"It was me and my friend's birthday on that day. I was sad."

"I feel really sad when 9/11 happened. I was in Manhattan at the time and I was really scared when the planes crashed. I was sad because I lost two friends. I learned so much about how important relationships are and about how lucky I am to still be living right now."

"I was too sad to watch 9/11."
--Laura, 9

"I was freaked out on September 11th. How about you? I hope you were too."
--Kaelie, 7

"When you think about September 11th, do you ever think about the people in Afganastan?"
--Crystal, 11

"When they talk about Sept. 11th, I cry sometimes. It's so sad."
--Shanee, 10

"I've never actually liked flying in a plane, and now I think I will never like it. Our school had a bake sale. I had an important job, but I gave it away and started gobbling up food. I also paid extra because I cared for the U.S., even though I am not fully American. At the bake sale, I ate 5 cupcakes in 56 seconds!!! I ate even more, way more, than my 6 foot 5 in. dad. My grandmother was watching it on TV thinking it was a horror movie. That day at 11:30, I got out of school. My grandmother said to look at the horror movie and I told her it was real. She jumped about 2 inches and screamed. I will never forget September eleventh, two thousand two."
--Princess Safiya, 8

"I have learned to love my mom more and my family because they might not be here one day and you are going to feel sad and doubt yourself. SO REMEMBER, LOVE YOUR FAMILY BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE."
--Robynn, 10

"The positive things I have learned are that we shouldn't judge people by the clothes they wear or the color of their skin. We should appreciate them while they are here because they might not be here tomorrow."
--Kelsey, 10

"I felt scared and worried about another attack."
--Simone, 11

"I think that what happened on 9-11 was terrible. Some people think about it all the time and some people just don't care and go on with their lives. I only think about it when someone talks about it or the subject comes up."

"My friend Zak's birthday is 9-11, and I think he is scared that another attack is going to happen on his birthday. Should I act nice to my friend Zak from now on?"
--Randi, 9

"I have learned from 9-11 that you should always love your enemies because you never know when it is their time to get upset. I have also learned that the time that I spend with my family or my friends should always be cherished, and that they will love you no matter what you do, think, or say. I also know that there are some people out there, that don't have food or shelter, and you should love them too!"
--Sarah, 12

"I was totally freaked out. My mom, dad and big sister were watching the news all day. At school, I had a pal named Osama and people were teasing him because of his first name. He felt sad so I told the other students, "Hey, just because his name is Osama doesn't mean you can tease him!" My friend told me he felt better because I stood up for him."
--Tristan, 10

"I learned that I need to spend more time with my friends, family, and my boyfriend."

"Even if I don't live in New York I still love others even if I don't know them. Now, I respect my family and love them as much as God loves us! I still wonder about how the world would be if this didn't happen. Would we be happy or would we still be doing bad things?"
--Bianca, 10

"I've learned that life isn't always fair and that there are a lot of problems on our earth. Also, I've learned to love more because you never know if it will be your last day with someone."
--Kate, 12

"I was sad on Sept.11, 2001."
--Jac, 8
"I was very upset about 9/11. We need to work together to make our communities greater. I'm sure everyone can do that."
--Julie, 9

"I've learned to stop being so insecure. If you have certain feelings, you should come out with it, or else it will only get worse."
--Lauren, 12

"At first I didn't really care, but then I figured out what was causing everyone to feel so bad."
--Jocelyn, 9

"My teacher said I will be real big on defending our country because I was so emotional during the 9/11 attacks. Were you emotional during the attacks?"
--Chase, 11

"I learned that it doesn't matter that I'm smart and cool. All that matters is that there are people who love me. I was at school when the first plane hit. A lot of kids in my class went home, but no one knew why because the teachers weren't allowed to tell us. At the end of the day when I got home, my mom and dad were really happy that I was there because they wanted me to be with them."
--Matt, 11

"I am an eleven year old girl, and I am very sensitive in many ways. Everything in the world bothers me. Why is everything going wrong in the world? The shootings, the plane crashes…why? WHY? WHY?? It really hurts my feelings. What can I do as a citizen to maybe help put a stop to everything??"
--Judith, 11

"It was so upsetting to hear about everything in the United States on 9/11. I want to express my feelings about the world and my opinion of the awful terrorists, but I can't figure out how. Every time I try to talk to my parents or something, they just start getting quiet like it's bad to talk about it, but I'm still a teenager and no one understands me!"
--Amy, 13

"September 11th. It was an ordinary day, but then, everyone, around 10:30 a.m., was getting picked up from school. My friend and I got called next. We were curious, and when we got to the lobby, a whole bunch of parents were out there. I asked my mom what was wrong because she was scared looking. We got outside and she told us what had happened. I cried, and I was scared. Before that, I always wanted to ride on an airplane, but now I don't. It's on the bottom of my list! I learned that our country was more patriotic than I thought! GOD BLESS AMERICA!"
--Jackie, 11

"My whole life has changed since September 11th. It is so scary and sad to talk about the terrorists who killed so many innocent people. Everyone thinks America has transformed or something, however I think we all need to stay strong because America won't die. USA all the way! It's really generous of other countries to be supporting us, too."

"I've learned to cherish the time that I spend with my family and friends. I've always been pretty sure that they would be around for a while, but now I know that you can't be sure."
--Paige, 11

"We were at school on 9/11 and my friend's mom came and picked her up early and used the excuse, 'We're going to visit grandma.' Her grandma lives right down the street, so I didn't believe it. That evening my mom was watching the news a lot, and I wondered what was going on. I asked her and she said, 'A terrible thing happened today.' I watched the news and was scared. I had nightmares for a long time afterwards."
--Emily, 10

"I felt the same for a while about 9-11, but then I realized how serious it was. I'm scared all the time because my mom takes a lot of business trips. I've gotten better over time, but I still get worried seeing low airplanes."
--Sara, 13

"Well, my family has become closer, and my friend's family got back together. I have learned that I can sometimes be emotional."
--Courtney, 11

"Since September 11, I've learned that we all need stick together, and I can do that."
--Lizzie, 11

"I have changed so much. It was the scariest day of my life. I'll just have to keep praying to GOD. I am nicer. I'm not saying I was mean, just saying that I am better at listening and all of that. I help people a lot and I pray more. That is how I've changed. How have you and your wonderful family changed?"
--Savanna, 11

"I should be sorry about September 11th because that was my birthday and my dad was where it happened. It was really sad and I did not have a good day at school. Then, we had a 9-11 ceremony and everyone was singing all the American songs. The firemen were there, and police officers. I was crying. This is true help, America. Why did Osama do this? Help, now we are at war with Afghanistan. Help!"
--Hariklia, 8

"I feel like everyone has never felt as bad as this before."
--Nick, 11

"Just this last moth on September 11, 2002 our school had a memorial service. Some firemen came and called out 13 men that died that they knew. The one fireman was crying and could hardly talk. I wanted to cry too, but I didn't. It was hard as we sang songs and put flowers and cards by our flag pole. It was very emotional for all of us kids! Thank you. Your friend, Ryanne."
--Ryanne, 10

"I have learned that Sept.11th was the most horrifying day of everybody's life and that it brought this whole community together."
--Gina, 13

"Life is very valuable when things happen like 9-11. You feel unsettled and not safe. Life is not a game. You don't have more than 1 try."
--Sue, 12

"September 11th really changed my life. It really made me think about how God has blessed me."
--Noelle, 11

"I really think they should not have done that. What if an American went to where they live and just took 2 planes and crashed it down. They would be very scared. I think it is all Bin Laden's fault and that is what I think about September 11. I think it is going to happen again but we can't let this scare us. People do not have enough money to keep moving because terrorists keep knocking down the places where we live. That is what I think about September 11th."
--Montreia, 9

"I'm scared that they will take me to their country."
--Jasmine, 10

"I have learned that flying on a plane is safer than ever because now they actually check your bags. I also think that America has to come together for once. Terrorists better have learned their lesson!!!"

"I think Sept. 11th helped the whole world because people really saw what they have or what they could have lost. When I went to church that weekend, we all held hands the entire time and a lot of people cried. Who ever was alive to see Sept. 11th is a part of history FOREVER! XOXOXOXOXO"
--Felicia, 12

"I saw a picture of one of the Twin Towers. There were people's heads sticking out of the windows. It made me scared to just think how terrified those people were."
--Alison, 10

"Ok, that day was sad and everybody was crying, even me. I thought Jennifer Lopez was dead because she lives in New York. I am only 12. My name is Elizabeth but friends & boyfriends call me Beth. Well, I think that they should rebuild the Twin Towers to tell Osama and them that we never give up. That's my idea. Well, gotta go."
--Beth, 12

"One positive thing I think is that a family should stick together no matter what happens."
--Cutie, 12

"It makes me want to cry. I dislike their act. I hope they get them. There are all those families in sorrow from deaths in their families."
--Jasmine, 10

"I think that it is terrible that people would be so sick that they would purposely kill anybody. I cried because you could hear kids talk about it on TV. Their parents were killed because people were acting like babies. That's what I think."
--Loren, 8

"Hi, my name is Jenny. The first time I heard of the attack, I almost started to cry. My brother Stephen was in the hospital at that time. I felt so bad. My other brother Gary is in the Marines now and I'm very proud of him."
--Jennifer, 13

"Since 9/11, I'm being more careful with stuff and I am closer to my family. I have learned from 9/11 that the USA is more together than before 9/11."
--Carlos, 11

"I almost cry in church when they talk about it. There is a girl in my school that is Arabic and she felt scared and bad when she heard the news. People make fun of her."
--Amber, 10

"I have learned that you should not take things for granted and be happy with what you have because some people aren't that lucky! When I say that, just think about September 11th!!!!!!!"
--Dominque, 11

"I think about what happened on September 11th. They need to have more police and that will not happen. Get more police and what happened on September 11th will not happen again."
--Luisa, 11

"I think I know why it was done. The government was acting very mean to other countries. I know it's different from what other people think, but we were too proud."
--Eva, 11

"On September 11th, I was at lunch when my teacher told me I was going home. As soon as I saw my mom waiting in the lobby I immediately asked, 'where's daddy?' My dad happened to be going into the city. The next morning at 1 or so my dad came home. I was really happy to see him. I was lucky because a lot of kids lost a parent. I will never forget September 11th. My life completely changed. I am happy that I have 2 parents. I feel more patriotic. There were some miracles and some really sad stories that I have heard. September 11th was really scary. I feel proud of the fireman and policemen. If they did not exist a lot more people would have died. Some called their families to say good-bye. Some jumped out windows and others just waited. It was not a peaceful way to die. I cried. Why did Bin Laden have to do this? Living on Long Island I have been in the World Trade Center. My dad used to work in Manhattan. It was a sad experience. I am proud to be an American. I never knew how free our country was."
--Erika, 9

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