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September 11th

What positive things have come out of your experiences since September 11th?
What have you learned about yourself?

We got so many answers to this question that we ran out of room! Take a look at what others had to say, and send us your response on other topics.

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“A positive thing that came from September 11, 2001 is that now there is better security in certain places and at airports.”
--Jennifer, 11

“Both of my parents and my older and younger sister were killed in 9-11. Now I live with my grandparents. I cry at night wishing that they would come back. I could have been on that plane but I was sick so my nana watched me.”
--Diana, 9

“The September 11th event has been terrible. Ever since that happened I have not been myself, but in my heart I know that God does everything for a reason. That event has brought me closer to my family and shown me to be more appreciative for the things and people around me.”

“I'm really sad about what happened. Think of all those people who died. MY GYM TEACHER'S DAUGHTER WAS BORN ON SEPTEMBER 11th! You know what really freaks me out? Okay, so I was in school (2nd grade) and we were talking about our summer vacation. Our teacher was writing on the board that she went to the World Trade Center. She was telling us about it and then some guy came in and handed her a paper. She looked shocked. ‘WAIT! Two planes just crashed into the World Trade Center!’ she screamed. Now me and my cousin are kinda scared to go outside.”
--Kendel, 9

"September 11th had no direct affect on my family. I felt very sorry for those affected by it, though. It helped teach me compassion."

"I realized that it was worse for the people that lost people. I didn't, but I almost lost my two uncles. Luckily they didn't go to work that day! I learned that I am a caring, helpful, truthful, and responsible person/friend."
--Joanna, 11

"I'm still haunted by all the people dying that day."
--Alysha, 8

"After 9/11, I felt alienated from my peers. Part of the reason was because I am an Iraqi-American. I felt like after that day Arabs wouldn't be respected anymore, but people are fascinated by my background. Knowing that America is a 'melting pot,' we should all stand together as one."
--Sara, 12

“I can’t forget what happened on 9-11. Sometimes I think, what if my mom or dad was lost in that accident? I'm thankful I still have my mom and dad here. I wish that the kids who lost their moms and dads will return, but their parents will always live through them. I learned never to take for granted somebody you really love.”
--Natasha, 10

“I was born on September 11th.”

“Even though September 11th was probably one of the worst days of my life, a lot of good came out of it as well. For example, a lot of people started becoming more compassionate towards each other! I think that is really cool!”
--Lisa, 12

“I have learned that the ‘united’ in the United States, really is true.”
--Megan, 10

“Since September 11th, I have found myself thinking a lot more. Experiences that are even slightly emotional can cause me to become sidetracked all day. I become lost in thought and sometimes things like this can affect me for days. Just this last Monday I learned that a 6th grader at my school died from an accidental shooting and I cried that morning even though I had never met him. Today I started to write a song about locking up your guns whether they are loaded or not. This incident has really impacted and inspired me. I have found myself in my experiences since September 11th. I now realize that from vast tragedies can come some of the greatest triumphs.”
--Amber, 13

“My school had a Sept 11th week last year and we could write poems. I never could write poems in the past so I thought I would give it a try and I wrote one of the best poems in the class.:)”
--Stephanie, 12

“I feel like since that happened on 9-11, no one seems to notice me. I'm either left out of conversations or I'm told to go away. It's like no one even knows I'm there. I have a short amount of friends and not even they seem to know I'm there. I'm always sad and almost always crying.”
--Kaytie, 12

“I've learned that we have some bad people in the world, but we also have some very kind, unselfish men and women who chose to fight for the freedom and safety of America.”
--McKenna, 11

“After 9/11, I realized the sacrifices people make every day to help America. I was made aware that the stupid things in my life that I always got mad or frustrated over were un-important to me now. I also learned to live life to the fullest and never hold grudges because you never know what could happen.”
--Miranda, 12

“I’ve learned that you get real emotional and sometimes you can’t handle it.”
--Angelica, 12

”I think we could learn some from 9-11 because it shows US that we need to be more generous and less hotheaded! If we could just cool down, maybe other countries would like us better.”
--Julia, 11

“I learned to love myself. To forgive and forget and just say I can do or be anything I want to be in life. I learned to live my life to the fullest because I don't know when it’s going to be my last day to live. May God bless you all!!!!”
--Crystal, 13

“I learned to be thankful for every thing you have. One min. you have it, the next you don't.”
--Jessea, 10

“September 11th was a day to make everybody come together and help each other out. Since September 11th, I learned that I have to be careful with myself.”
--Karina, 10

“It has made everybody come together.”

“I feel I have learned that not all people are like Americans, but there are still good people out there. I also learned that we will and can bond together in times of need.”
--Brinty, 12

“I think that 9-11 was really scary. When I heard about it at school I thought that it was just a plane crash and just a really bad one.”
--Christina, 9

“I think 9-11 was somewhat good. It made our state even stronger in our hearts and souls. Even if other countries hate us, we still have each other.”
--Anne, 12

“I always live life to the fullest and I have become more aware of my surroundings. Also, I consider every day a gift and I don’t take life for granted.”

“After 9/11, I started to realize how much my family and friends meant to me. Then I thought about how it would have affected my community if it had happened where I live. They didn't tell us at our school that it had happened. I guess it was to protect us or something. A lot of strange things happened to me that day, and the rest of that week. I've moved since it happened, and both of those experiences together have taught me a lot about caring for what you've got. Don't ever forget about the good that people like your friends will do for you.”
--Rubea, 12

“Hi my name is Teresa! It's been about a while since the terrible tragedy occurred on September 11th, 2001.Today in class, a girl played a song about September 11th where a little girl told how her father died on September 11th and how much she missed him. I live in Canada and it still affects me .Our whole class was crying when we heard her bawling! It hurt a lot. I really want to help out the people that were affected by this. I am proud to say that I support the USA.”

“Ever since the attack, everyone was kinda laying low. We still know in our hearts that those firefighters died for their country. Sept. 11th was devastating for the whole country. When our president announced war, I was so shocked. I was thinking to myself, shouldn’t kids speak out too?”
--Stephanie, 11

“I learned that if we loved each other more, nothing can go really wrong when we are far apart.”
--Leon, 10

"It was a terrible thing. It was the worst thing to happen since World War Two."
--Ellen, 10

"Ever since then I have had totally weird and exciting dreams. I mostly dream about me and my friends having powers, fighting bad guys, and saving the world. But then again, I've always had weird dreams, just not about being a hero. I guess my sub-conscious wants to adventure out into the world and help people."
--Karlline, 13

"I learned that we should always care for each other because we won't always know what will happen next. You can get mad at a friend and the next thing you know it, she is in the hospital. Talk to each other more. Express yourself. Tell your feelings."
--Denise, 10

"I think you guys said it like you guys were pros. I know because my aunt was in the west wing and got killed. You guys should e-mail me. I want to know if there was a big boom and a lot of sounds. I hope you have the rest of your life to feel good and have a lot of memories of what happened, so maybe we can prevent it some day if it were to happen again. Remember, Hope, Faith, and Love."
--Darci, 12

"The positive thing that came out of September 11th is that it has brought us closer together in the world. You should cherish the things that you have and like my mom always says, 'You never know what will happen next.'"
--Kellie, 10

"What happened was really bad and I wish the Twin Towers were back the way they were. War is not good and you don't go and do something like that. They have to pay for the people that died."

"On September 11, 2001 I didn't know what was happening in New York. People have been saying that the U.S. is now in danger. My friend's dad was in New York when it happened. My friend wants the U.S.A. to win and I do too. God bless the U.S.A."
--Johnny, 8

"I have learned that I take these serious things pretty well and that I seem to get more cautious in a good way. I also try not to feel so sad when something sad happens because I think of all those poor people who died on Sept. 11."
--Emmie, 13

"I am peace. The world is peace and you are peace. Keep the earth safe. No Violence, PLEASE! Be happy for what you are and what you have. (REMEMBER THIS IS EARTH, NOT WAR)."
--Alivia, 10

"War is horrible! By dropping bombs we are killing innocent people and bringing us down to their level. Yes, I know they started it, but why do WE have to continue it? I want to bless all the poor souls that died in this war and all other wars. GOD BLESS AMERICA! I hope that this war will come to a peaceful end soon."
--Olivia, 9

"9-11 is so depressing! Whenever I watch the news it makes me think about the day that it happened! Me and one of my BEST friends where sitting, chatting about boys and girl-talking when all of a sudden my cat started meowing and the sonic booms went off!"

"Many of my family members have died because of sicknesses and I can't take it. I can't stop thinking about 9/11/01 and now the space shuttle incident. It is too fffrrreeeaaakkkyyy!"
--Brinna, 8

"I learned to love my family. I changed by learning to have more friends."
--Chris, 12

"I hate terrorists."
--Delaney, 9

"I had a dream that I was in the 1st & 2nd towers (not at the same time) and I saw the plane."
--Janice, 12

"When I first heard about September 11th, almost everyone in the class was confused, but I wasn't. I knew what a horrible thing the terrorists had done. I didn't speak up about it when I had the chance, because people would have made fun of me just because I am more mature than them. I don't expect much from them because most of them are mature but they just don't show it to others."
--Tasha, 10

"I have learned that we need to cherish and appreciate our country every day of our lives. If something terrible happens to our country like Sep. 11th, we shouldn't immediately put our flags up for the moment, but keep the flags up every day to show how proud we are to be a part of history."
--Jesse, 11

"I feel really bad about 9-11 and I'm scared to death. If anybody I knew, like my family, were dying I couldn't even take it. When the space shuttle crashed I felt sorry for the people in Texas too. Rest in peace New Yorkers and astronauts that died. I cried and cried and couldn't sleep. When I'm on the computer, I listen to Angels and believe in the arms of angels."
--Abigail, 10

"Why do we all fight? 9-11 hasn't changed a thing. You have to change first. When I first heard about what had happened and saw it on TV, I thought that I was having a bad dream. That this couldn't really happen. I thought 'How could this happen? How could these bad people get past our guards? How could this get past the president?' But it did. That day I thought I was going to die but I'm blessed that I didn't get hurt or that none of my friends and family got hurt. Everything has its reasons. Bless those who lost their loved ones and bless everybody all over this world with love, peace, and respect."

"September 11th made me cry."
--Delaney, 9

"I hated it so much. I camped out in my basement since it was the only place I would be safe from bombs! I just wish we could rewind our lives and go back to September the 11th and arrest Osama and his army. If only it were true. It's even more miserable to know it could have been prevented."
--Brian, 11

"Even though I was not in the country when it happened, my aunt and uncle werethere, so it made me really scared. I'm afraid that it's going to happen to us since we're supporting them in war. What I've learned about myself is that I had to be more confident and strong and also I can't believe exactly everything the news says. I think that every person should believe in what they want to."

"That I shouldn't take life for granted."
--Breanna, 11

"I'm not a patriotic person, but I was very scared when my teacher told us what happened on that day. All my friends and I were discussing who we think did it. One person said that they knew it wasn't France because France gave us the Statue of Liberty and helped us out a lot (even if some of them do think we're slobs). I just hope this is the end of all these terrible events. I've learned to not take anything for granted and I think America has finally had its share of the terror going on throughout the world."
--Tyler, 11

"Why and how can they do it? It's sad and I think it is going to always be known. My only sentence to them is, NEVER DO IT AGAIN!!!!!"
--Shelby, 8

"The positive things that have happened since 9/11 is that people have been treating each other with respect. This is a good thing but it shouldn't take a massive attack on our country for us to see this. We should ALWAYS treat each other right. America is Stronger. FREEDOM!"
--Kaitlyn, 12

"I was in grade six when the attacks happened and I was really scared, even though I live in Canada. I had also just started middle school and didn't know my classmates too well (I'm kinda shy). The day after 9/11, our class had a big discussion with our social studies teacher. I discovered that my classmates and I were sharing the same feelings and I felt closer to them when I found out that we all had something in common."
--Sarah, 12

"The positive things are that I think that America is stronger."
--Sydney, 12

"It has made me more aware of the danger that we have to watch for. To help out your fellow man/woman when in need. To take each day as it comes."

"I was at school when it happened. I had no clue what happened. I still don't really know."
--Vanessa, 9

"Nothing has really changed except now I don't care if something really bad happens."
--Karin, 10

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