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September 11th: From The Mentors

From Jaron
When I look back at that day, I see it as something that shouldn't have happened but did, and we have to deal with that. Because of it, along with patriotism and the type of people we are, our country has come closer together. Even though I do see some racial actions taken towards some people, I also notice that we're all coming together, and working together, throwing out the stereotypes and differences people place on other people. September 11th has made me think about doing things before I do it, being nicer to people, helping out more, and just being proud to be an American. The best thing I think to do, in order to deal with the feelings surrounding September 11th, is just sit down with people and talk about it, share you ideas and comments...and just to come together as one and not single people out. We are all created equal, and we are all the same. :)

From Tiffany
The events of September 11 were tragic and unforgettable for us all. Every now and then I find myself thinking about what exactly happened that day, every single thing that I did that day. I guess I'm reminding myself of that day so I can be sure to tell my children about it. To deal with my various feelings, I realized it helps to talk about it. I think these events have helped the people of the world to become more unified.

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