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Have you ever had a pet that died? How did you deal?
--From Roxy, 12

We got so many answers to this question that we ran out of room! Take a look at what others had to say, and send us your response on other topics.

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"My dog Bosco died when I was 5. Rebar and Skeeter and her pup died years later. Then Luna died after we got Sam. Sam died after only living for 5 months! The vet said it was an infection and that it was harmless!!!!! Now I only have two dogs left. I also lost my bird Pancho. All those times, my friends helped me through. Remember, your pets love you and even though you really miss them, you should get on with your life because I don't think they want you to mourn over them for over a year. You can still break down and cry every month or so if you like, but remember what you still have: friends that still care for you and will support you when you feel like crying! A pet's spirit will always live on!"
--Bosco, 12

"My dog Herman died about 8 years ago. I loved him sooo much. I mean, we did everything together. We would even play hide-n-seek together. I cry sometimes wishing he was still around. I put flowers on the spot where he died every once in a while."
--Paige, 10

"I cried for a whole day. My parents told me every living thing would have to die sooner or later. I got to understand that so I felt a little better, but even though he died so long ago, I still miss him a lot."
--Marlyn, 11

"I have had 2 dogs die and a 2 week old kitten that had to be put to sleep. My first dog died when a car hit her. She was very old and we think she couldn't get out of the way. My second dog to die was very old and started dying on his own, but we had to put him to sleep because he was suffering. The kitten was born with a problem. I nursed her for 2 weeks but the vet said she would never make it. My whole family cried a lot with each animal. We had a funeral for each of them. We buried both dogs who grew up together and were buddies, in the same area. I think about how they are in heaven with my great grandmother who I know is taking very good care of them. It helps me to know that they are all together."
--Kelsey, 10

“My Golden Retriever Sandy passed away exactly three years ago yesterday. It is very hard to deal with the fact that when I come home she won't be there. Sometimes I can even see her lying down in her favorite spot. Sometimes I cry at night just from thinking about the fact that my Great Dane Patch will die some day.”
--Diana, 12

“I had 6 fish die in one day because of a disease they had :( but I learned to deal with it because everyone has to die sometime. Sure it's sad, but we learn to get over it as long as we have them in our hearts always. :)”
--Patty, 13

“Yes, I have had one pet that died. His name is Phorne. He was a dog.”
--Michelle, 8

“My fish died at 11 o’clock and he was 1 year old.”
--Darby, 10

“I lost my dog on Christmas. That was not a nice Christmas present! I was upset because I had to move but around that time I realized that no matter what, I will always remember my dog and my old home. To this day I cry for her. My dog protected me and she was like a sister to me. I will always remember her!”
--Ciara, 9

"It's happened to me a lot of times and it's sad but true. I was upset and I buried her."

"My dog Summer died in 2000. She was trying to jump onto my bed and she missed it and fell. I thought it was my fault because it was my bed, but I know my mom missed her most. I am crying right now and I miss her a LOT."
--Kienan, 11

"Yes I have! I had two hamsters and one guinea pig. I was really close to all of them, so I went to my room and cried for a little while, but I was ok when there were people around. I got over them in about 1 week. I am still sad, but I'm happy because they went to a better place. See ya!"
--Joanna, 11

"My dog died weeks ago and I feel really sad because I've known him since I was born. Also I'm from another country and he was in my uncle's house. It was really sad not being there with him when he died. I still remember when we used to play and my last day with him."
--Fernanda, 11

"When Agatha, my mom's cat died, she had cancer so bad that the doctor couldn't help her. She was sick."
--Laura, 10

“There was a dog I had named Casey that I had since I was born and he died when I was 7. He died because he was so old and he was suffering so we put him down. When I heard the news, I ran to my room and I stayed there for the longest time ever, crying. I still cry now and then when I think of him. At least I still have pictures of him and I always seem to draw this one picture of him when he’s in this boat floating on a cloud. He makes the boat sink (because he was fat and we would always take him on the boat and he would make the boat sink) and in the picture he has lots of food and he’s thinking of me. That proves how much I loved my dog. Oh my God, I’m crying now.”
--Stephanie, 11

“When my dog died, I couldn't cry at first. Then it was like a flood. It was even worse because soon after that I moved several states away. I had lost my home and my dog and it seemed my friends too because never wrote back. It was terrible.”
--Samantha, 12

“Last Sunday my cat got sick and we took her to the vet. Then on Tuesday they had to put her to sleep. I cried so much, even in school the next day. I put fresh flowers on her grave every day. On Tuesday night, the day Willow died, I hit a home run in my softball game. I think Willow helped me do it!!!”
--Samantha, 12

“My pet dog Biggie was born dead. It was really hard to deal with. I came home from a sleepover and my dog had puppies. I was so excited, but then I saw one was not moving. Then we figured out it was born dead so everyone started crying. I buried Biggie in my backyard. I named him that because he was the biggest one. I was so sad.”
--Brianna, 13

“I had a dog named Simba and we had to take her away to the animal shelter. When she left I started crying so hard that I ran out! I am crying right now.”
--Angelica, 12

“I had a cat named Midnight and in the summer we had her live outside in a house we built for her. One day we went to Cedar Point and when we came back she was gone. I felt bad because I didn't always treat her right. I remember one night I was playing softball in cleats and she came over and rubbed against my leg. Afraid that I would step on her, I pushed her away. It has been almost a year and last night I cried myself to sleep. I have a new cat now but I will never forget Midnight.”
--Bridget, 11

“It’s sad losing a pet. I am always hoping to get a dog and take care of it so it won't die.”
--Vanessa, 12

“Gretle and Couchou both died. Couchou was put to sleep. Gretle died from old age and died like a week ago.”
--Elizabeth, 10

“My guinea pig had to be put to sleep a few months ago. Her name was Cappuccino. She had cancer, poor girl. She was 7 years old and was actually getting gray hair! 7 years is pretty old for a guinea pig. I don't know if I'll get a new pet.”
--Leah, 11

“My 6 week old kitten died yesterday. I was in such shock that my mom had to come home from work early to settle me down. I couldn't stop screaming because we had just bought the kitten 3 days before. It was really scary.”
--Paige, 13

“Once I had a dog but we had to move to a new country and we couldn't bring my dog with us. We had to ask my family's friend to take care of the dog for us. The day that I left him there, I was crying for hours and hours, but I knew that he would be in my heart for the rest of my life. Just because you are separated from your pet, doesn't mean that you forget about them. When you grow up, all those wonderful memories of your pets will be with you.”
--Nina, 11

“I just had a dog die at age five. His name was Jet and we thought he had a blockage in his stomach. He went in for surgery and they found out he had cancer and they had to put him down. We used to play all the time and I even let him come up on my bed when mom and dad told me not to. I gave him a pillow and a blanket when he went to sleep so he was comfy. I never got that piece of my heart back from when he died. I'm still very sad and it happened two months ago. What should I do???”
--Kenney, 10

“Yes, I have had a pet die. My dog named Harley died because of old age. I dealt by making a memory book of him and looking at it. I also got a new dog and we framed a picture of Harley in our living room!”
--Kate, 13

“I lost my dog named Pepper. I hugged my stuffed dog. I now have a new dog named Tazz. She is about 10 weeks old.”
--Angle, 10

“I lost four goldfish. Their names were Goldie Gold (as she was gold in color), Silvery Silver (as she was silver in color), Spot Fin (as she had a black spot on her fin) and a small baby which I hadn’t named. The next day it died, I also had a tiger fish. Her name was Susie but she died when a bigger fish in my friend’s fish tank ate her because I was gone and I told my friend to keep the fish.”
--Sunya, 11

“No, but if I did I would feel very sad and depressed for a few weeks.”
--Sarah, 12

“I had had a dog that died. Her name was Missy. She was the best dog that a kid could have. She was one year old when she got in a fight and had internal bleeding. I was never the same from that day on.”
--David, 12

“I lost a bird by it flying away and I still miss her. I know I couldn’t do any thing to help. I also lost my dog when it got shot and I know why this happened. I wish he was still here. I couldn't do anything about him either.”
--Anne, 12

“Losing a pet is like losing your best friend or a family member. You will not like it, but that’s how it goes. I lost my cat Precious. She had a disease. It was sad and then two days later I lost my dog Pepper. I really miss them.”

“My hamster died. I cried sooo hard that night until I fell asleep. I made my self sort of forget about her, and we got a new hamster. My dog Zack died too. I was younger then, so I didn't know what putting him to sleep meant. My mom cried really hard. He was one of the nicest dogs she ever had. We got more dogs after that, and we all got over the loss of Zack.”
--Sam, 11

“I had a dog named Britiny. She died 5 yrs. ago and I had a dream that I was in a meadow, a VERY bright meadow. My dog was there and she was transparent (clear)and we ran all day in that meadow. I REALLY miss her.”
--Samantha, 9

“Once, I was sleeping and I dreamt my cat ran away. I think it meant that my cat Scooter would run away for real. You know what? It actually happened!”
--Ashley, 8

“My rabbit Pepper died last year. We think she had cancer, but we didn't have enough money to treat it. When my mom took her to the vet to put her to sleep, I couldn't go. I was crying too much. I still miss her even though we got a new one over the summer.”
--Ruthie, 13

“I had a dog named Madie. She was so sweet and she did not ever bite and she died because of kidney failure at 4 years old. Now we have a new puppy!”
--Alex, 9

“My goldfish died and I just flushed him down the toilet.”
--Weisha, 9

“When my dog died it was really hard for me to take. I would cry almost every night until I finally thought, well maybe I need to talk this out with my very best friend and she told me it was okay if I cry. That happened when I was in the fourth grade and I still cry and my friend is always there. So talking it out with someone, anyone, made me feel a whole lot better.”

“Well my pet didn't die, but my mom decided to put her up for adoption! I was very upset and angry! I didn't know how to deal, but I wish I did!”
--Meghan, 12

“You asked how to get over a pet that died? I had a pet that died once. All Idid was talk to my parents about how mature I was and asked if I could get a new petthey said yes. I was very happy.”
--Jenessa, 11

"My dog Sammy was hit by a car. I miss him a lot. He died at three in the morning, but I know he is in doggy heaven."
--Nichole, 12

"To Roxy: I had a hamster that died, and it was really hard if you overlook the fact that hamsters don't live more than 3 years. We had a funeral and buried it in our backyard. I got another one and now my two brothers have one, too."
--Laura, 9

"I have lost my puppy. She was only 1 year old. When we got her she had a lot of problems, she had a bug that caused her to lose all of her hair. She had a cold, and the night we got her, we had to bring her to the vet. We thought that she was all better, but her tail was like a whip and when she wagged it, it bled. We didn't really think that it mattered. One day her tail wouldn't stop bleeding and my mom took her to the vet. I went to my camp the next day (because it was summer) and when I got in the car, my mom and my brother were crying. I had no clue what they were crying about. Then my mom goes, 'Honey, I'm sorry, but she didn't make it.' I was so torn apart. Shadow (my dog) lived a very fun and happy life while she had it."
--Brittany, 13

"When my puppy died, I cried for 9 hours and I mean 9."
--Kara, 9

"I had a cat named DJ. When he died, I was upset, and I cried because he was the best cat I ever had."
--Kendra, 14

"When my dog died I was very sad, but when other things happen in your life you get over it."
--Sean, 9

"I just lost my fish!"
--Lisa, 14

"Yes, I had a pet gold fish that died. When my mom and I went to the mall, the fish jumped right out of the tank and was on the floor! I was so mad at the time."
--Britney, 11

"I cried but please don't laugh."
--Camille, 8

"I had two little problems. First my ferret Coco died and then like a month later I had to give my cat Pepper away. Now I only have a dog named Rockey and hopefully nothing will happen to him. I already lost 2 pets and I don't want to lose another."
--Robin, 9

"I had a bird who died. He was a really good bird. Anyway, I asked my parents to take me to a pet store so I could look for another bird. Now I'm not so sad about my old bird. In other words, spend your time with other pets to make yourself feel better."
--Laura, 12

"I had a dog who had brain cancer and we didn't know it until my friend found a knot on the top of her head. My parents were putting her to sleep while I was having fun with a couple of friends and they called me after they did it. Mortisha (my dog) was with me ever since I was little and she always used to sleep right at the bottom of my stairs and when it is morning, sometimes I feel like she is still here with me. So yes, I am sad but my mom and dad are trying their hardest to keep me happy. They even gave me another dog so I wouldn't miss her that much, but I still feel like I've lost my best friend.:("
--Mistie, 12

"My cat died and I felt really sad about it. We took it to a place and dug a hole for it. So we took a picture before she died so we could remember her. So that's how I felt."
--Veena, 10

"I had two cats die."
--Marcie, 12

"My dog Misty died and it's 7 years later and I am just now getting over it."
--G-G, 11

"You need to move on or you'll never make it through life. Get a new pet."
--Rachel, 13

"Losing a pet that you really love and that you've had since he was a baby is so painful. Even though you cry and you get a new pet, he will still be in your heart (even if he is a bird!!!)."
--Jazmin, 13

"Hi! I lost a cat at the age of 4. It was sad but I went on with life and we got a dog."

"My favorite dog died when I was on summer vacation. My mom and dad were there but I wasn't. I thought it was my fault because I gave him chocolate. I don't think so now. I cried for months and sometimes I still cry."
--Emily, 11

"I had a dog die. His name was Lucky and he had cancer in his brain. It was sad. I cried for 6 days."
--Laura, 9

"Yes, I have. When I was 2 or 3 my hamster Zippiti died. I didn't take it so well at first, but I got over it. My pet bunny Mr. Big Ears also died and I got over that too. My cat Cuddles died last year but now I have 2 kittens and 2 dogs."
--Nicole, 8

"I got a new kitten."
--Ashleigh, 10

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