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Great Books About "Dreams"

Fiction Books

Dreamtective: The Dreamy and Daring Adventures of Cobra Kite
by Elizabeth Swados and Liz Swados
Share the dreamy and daring adventures of Cobra Kite, a twelve-year-old sleuth who searches for clues as she travels in other people's dreams!

Julian, Dream Doctor
by Ann Cameron and Ann Strugnell (Illustrator)
By asking questions when his father is sleep-talking, a young boy discovers what his dad most wants for his birthday and sets out to get it for him.

by Gary Paulson
By trusting a dream, his intuition, and the guidance an elderly village shaman named Oogruk, a young Eskimo boy named Russell embarks on the adventure of a lifetime.

Non-Fiction Books

The Dream Book
by Olga Litowinsky and Bebe Willoughby
This book is a guide to the many theories and concepts about dreams.

Nightmare Help For Children From Children
by Anne Sayre Wiseman
This book is packed with examples of dreams, drawings, comments, discussion starters, facts, and ideas for using dreams to improve your well-being.

Dreams: Mind Movies of the Night
by Mary Herd Tull and Amy Ning (Illustrator)
This books explores the scientific and cultural aspects of dreams, including such topics as the physiological reasons for dreams, the connection between dreams and religion, and the dream life of animals.

Painting Dreams: Minnie Evans, Visionary Artist
by Mary E. Lyons
A biography of Minnie Evans, an African-American woman who, as a child in the late 19th century, was driven to paint her dreams. Back then, her family thought she was crazy and tried to stop her. Today her art is celebrated, and her paintings hang in museums.

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