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Have you or someone you know ever dealt with clinical depression?

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Depression: What's the Problem?


Girl writing Alison has been up all night, writing in her journal and working on a big chart of her plans for the future. Her thoughts are going a mile a minute, and she can barely keep her pencil moving fast enough to get it all down on paper. She has so much energy that she can't sit still. She's rearranged her CD collection three times and cleaned her bedroom twice.

The strange part is that just a few days ago, she felt just the opposite of this. She spent all day Saturday and Sunday lying on the floor of her bathroom, listening to her saddest CD mix and worrying that nothing was ever going to go right for her. When her friends called to see what she was up to, she told her mom to tell them she was sick and couldn't come to the phone. For the past few months, it seems like she's been going through these ups and downs constantly: pumped and wild one day, down and blue the next.

Is this:
Just a normal case of mood swings?
A case of serious clinical depression?

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