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Have you or someone you know ever dealt with clinical depression?

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Depression: What's the Problem?

Do you know the difference between someone who's going through a sad period and someone who's clinically depressed? Read each story, then decide what's going on.


Boy in bed For about a month, Mike hasn't wanted to leave his room. He used to be into a lot of things, like skateboarding with his buddies Dylan and Jeremy, going to the movies with his sister Angela, or just hanging out in the garage with his dad. But now it seems like a chore to even get out of bed in the morning, and he can't pay attention in school.

Heavy thoughts about how pointless life seems keep swirling around in his head, making it hard for him to concentrate on what people are saying. Mike often skips lunch, and he doesn't come down for dinner very often either, so he's lost a lot of weight.

When Mike's mom asks him what the problem is, he can't think of a good answer, and even trying to talk about it at all makes him tired and frustrated.

Is this:
Just a temporary bum-out?
A case of serious clinical depression?

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