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Activities For Exploring Depression

Thinking about depression doesn't have to be a gloomy experience. Try these activities to do with a parent, a friend-or just with yourself!

Drawing Depression

What you'll need: paper, markers, colored pencils, or a computer drawing program.

What does depression look like to you? Would be it a living thing or an object? Would it have a name? How would you decorate it? What would depression look like if it were a tree or flower; a clothing outfit; a building; a person or animal?

Shoebox Collage

What you'll need: An old shoebox, scissors and glue, old magazines and newspapers, photographs.

This shoebox is going to represent you on both the outside and inside. Start with the outside. What is the side of you that the rest of the world sees? What are the emotions, behavior, and experiences that you show to the world? Decorate the outside of the shoebox to reflect your "exterior" self.

When you're done, take a good look at the inside of the shoebox. Is there a part of you that you don't show to the world? Are there things about you that people don't know or see? Are there feelings that you can't let out? Decorate the inside of the shoebox to reflect your "interior" self.

Use your shoebox in any way you want. Stash your favorite keepsakes. Store a journal or diary, or write letters to yourself to keep inside the box.

Sculpting Ourselves

What you'll need: Some kind of clay like Sculpey or Play-Do.

Make sculptures that represent:

  • What it looks like inside you when you feel very sad about something.
  • How you feel when someone you love is deeply sad or depressed.
  • An animal or monster that could fight your bad feelings.
  • A person or creature that would listen to you and understand all your problems.

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