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From Lindsey
I am going through serious depression right now and recently began medication. It was all triggered by my boyfriend breaking up with me. I felt like my happiness was taken away and my life would never be the same.
I didn't want to go out. It seemed like I was in a bubble, like life was moving but I wasn't living it. I would go into bed and curl up into a ball. It's like I was in a hole and couldn't

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From the Mentors
climb out. If any of this sounds familiar, then all I can say is: get help now! My friends were great and luckily, they put up with my moods and my family did the same. Now, I'm getting used to the environment around me and learning how to be happy with myself.

From Joyce
Young people are extremely vulnerable to depression-like emotional states and I'm no exception. I'm not exactly suffering from chronic depression that requires medication, it's just that at times, I feel unworthy, weary, and always on the verge of tears. I think it's just one of the emotional swings that comes with being a teen. These feelings of depression go away as long as I stay willing to walk out of the dark alley, and try to open myself up to my family and friends.

From Leah
When I was in 6th grade, a week before Thanksgiving, there was a fire at my house. I lost all my stuffed animals, including one I was particularly attached to, my beloved green rabbit. Losing most of my belongings, having to live in a hotel (for a year) and the other stresses that go along with beginning a new school...I was crushed. I began to have trouble going to school and became sick a lot. I became very depressed and at times wishing I could die. The counselor at school suggested that I keep a journal about my feelings as a way to express my emotions. I did, and I still have that journal to this day as a reminder of that terrible time in my life. With the support of my counselor, a psychologist, my parents and my journal, I was able to overcome this depression. About a year later most of the feelings were gone, although I still felt a longing for my rabbit. Now, eight years later, life has gone on but it's still hard for me when I remember the fire and those past feelings. I'm glad that I'm still here today, alive and well, and as much as I thought I wouldn't be able, I am happy again.

From Tiffany
I frequently find myself down for several reasons. Sometimes my sadness lasts for days, while other times only for a few hours. To help get out of it, I like to talk about whatever's bothering me with whomever will listen. If I find the right person, they often give me input on my problems. Besides, I always like to hear other people's point of view just to make sure I'm not making too much out of nothing. If I'd rather combat sadness by myself because I'd rather not share why I'm down, I usually take time to do something I love until I can feel carefree about my problem. Like, if I did poorly on a test and I thought I was going to do better, I'll either take time to read, listen to music, or go for walks. I guess I just like to think about my sadness until there is nothing else for me to think about it, then, once that's cleared out of my head I can occupy that space with other things.

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