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Have you ever experienced the death of someone you loved? What do you remember most about him or her?

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Dealing With Death: So Many Questions
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Dealing With Death:
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There might not be anything in this world that has more questions attached to it than the subject of death.

Where do we go when we die? Can the dead see or hear people who are still living? Is death pre-determined, or can we control how and when it happens?

And, perhaps the biggest question of all: How do I go on living after losing someone I love?

Many of you have written to us for advice on this exact problem:

Natalie, 11, told us: "My brother died in a motorcycle crash. He was on the bike with his best friend and they hit a truck. My brother was not wearing a helmet. His best friend is paralyzed for life and he goes to my school. Every time I see him, I burst into tears. Please help me-I can't live like this for long."

Sabrina, 13, says: "I think I really need some advice on how to deal with my mother's death. I lost her 3 days before my birthday and it was really hard. Sometimes it feels like I killed her from all the stress I gave her."

You don't have to lose a family member or friend to feel the pain of grieving. Misty, 12, told us: "About 6 months ago my cat got hit by a car and died. He was the only thing really close to me, and now I feel like I am alone."

No matter who we are, where we live, or what we do, death will touch all of us in some way. Although there's a lot to learn and understand about this subject -- much more than we could ever express on a Web site -- we hope IML can help people begin working through their grief and know how and when to get help. Even if you haven't lost someone close to you, it's never too soon to explore your own feelings about death, and learn how to help other people who are dealing with grief.

Printables Express yourself with a printable IML Journal page and discussion questions. Also, check out our list of fiction and non-fiction books on this subject.
Our thanks to Lauren Schneider, LCSW, Children's Program Director at Our House in Los Angeles, for her contribution to this topic.

First step? Accepting The Facts about death

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