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Great Books About "Dealing With Anger"

Fiction Books

by Chris Crutcher
After a series of angry outbursts at school costs him his spot on the football team and put him in danger of being expelled, Bo is sent to Mr. Nak's Anger Management Group. There he meets some peers with similar problems, including a unique young woman named Shelly.

Touching Spirit Bear
by Ben Mikaelsen
When Cole Matthews lets his anger go too far and beats up a classmate to the point of brain damage, he faces a prison sentence. A Tlingit Indian parole officer named Garvey enters his life, offering an alternative called Circle Justice, a program based on Native American traditions. Itís the beginning of an amazing journey for Cole.

Who The Man
by Chris Lynch
At 13, Earl is bigger and physically more mature than the other kids in his school, and he doesn't hesitate to use violence to handle conflicts. This is the story of one week in his life after heís been suspended from school for fighting.

Non-Fiction Books

Hot Stuff To Help Kids Chill Out: The Anger Management Book
by Jerry Wilde, Ph.D.
This book, written for kids in grades 4 to 12, discusses the causes of anger as well as the top five ways anger can mess up oneís life. Also included are exercises to help readers explore the issue.

I Am So Angry, I Could Scream: Helping Children Deal With Anger
by Laura Fox, M.A.; art by Chris Sabatino
This book begins with the story of nine-year-old Penny, whose anger is sparked by several incidents throughout her day and who finally lets the angry feelings out in an emotional explosion. Learn how to release anger in healthy ways, prevent anger-inducing situations, and keep an Anger Chart to identify the causes of angry feelings.

Anger Management
by Judith Peacock, Suzanne Stutman
This book explains how to use "I" statements, body language, and active listening when dealing with anger. Also included is a chapter about public anger.

How to Control Your Anger (Before It Controls You): A Guide for Teens
by Ron Potter-Efron
Describes anger, its possible causes, and suggestions for how to deal with it.

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