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Dealing With Anger: Letting It Out

Ka-boom! Sometimes people let their anger explode out of them, and we all know that explosions cause damage. For example:

Insulting others
People often vent their anger by using words as their weapons. Teasing, taunting, calling names, or otherwise verbally abusing people is often a sign of someone who has lost control of their anger. It doesn't have to be verbal, either. Some people write mean notes or graffiti when they're mad. If you've ever said something to someone when you were mad, then regretted it later, you know how much trouble this kind of expression can cause.

Harming others
Some people let their angry emotions lead them to attack, hit, or hurt other people. Sometimes the target is someone they blame for making them angry. Sometimes it's some random person who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. There are people who become violent to pets because animals aren't as able to fight back, or they feel that they won't get in as much trouble. This is one of the worst and inappropriate ways to express anger-and is even illegal in most areas. If you see someone physically abusing another person or an animal, report it to a trusted adult.

Throwing tantrums
Have you ever seen someone act like a two-year-old when they're really mad? Some people have total freak-outs when they're furious. They might scream, cry, swear, stomp up and down, and get red in the face. The anger just seems to go atomic in all directions, taking over their mind and body.

Destroying property
Is it better to take your anger out on an object instead of a person? Uh-no. Some people resort to breaking or smashing things, writing graffiti, or doing whatever damage they can in an attempt to get rid of anger. Doing this never solves anything, and can even lead to trouble with the law.

Taking revenge
Some people plot revenge schemes when they're angry at others, like spreading nasty rumors or planning humiliating pranks. They might think that revenge will make them feel better, but the truth is that people have to look to themselves and their own lives in order to deal with anger. Doing something cruel or mean to someone else is not the answer.

There's no doubt about it: letting anger blow up into something that hurts others can cause all sorts of trouble.

So we've looked at all the things we shouldn't do when we're mad, but anger doesn't go away by itself. Is there a RIGHT way to deal with these emotions?

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