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Dealing With Anger: The Fire Inside

Angry. Mad. Furious. Ticked off. Peeved.

Whatever you want to call it, it's one of the most common and basic human emotions. Have you ever made it through an entire day without getting angry at something or someone? Probably not-and that's totally normal.

Just like other emotions such as happiness and sadness, there are many different levels and types of anger. "I'm so angry that I missed that question on the test" is different from "I'm so angry at my friend because she betrayed me."

Because we're all unique, each of us deals with our anger on our own terms. Sometimes we express it in a way that feels good in the moment, but causes more problems afterwards. Sometimes we keep our anger inside because we don't want to make trouble-but that just seems to make us feel worse.

As you can probably tell from looking at the adults in your life, everyone struggles with how and when to express anger. But anger isn't something we should ignore or avoid. In fact, when we get to know our anger -- what causes it, how we react to it -- and then learn how to manage it, it's a chance to get to know ourselves a little better and improve our relationships with other people.

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