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Bottled Up

Things around Jamie's house had not been good lately. Almost every night during the previous week, Jamie had gone to bed to the sound of her mother and father arguing. That's all they seemed to be doing lately. One night after dinner, her parents sat her down and gave her the news: they were getting a divorce.

Her father assured her that it was not her fault and that both he and her mother loved

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Bottled Up
her very much. He also asked her if she wanted to talk about her feelings, but Jamie told him no. The truth was that Jamie was extremely upset and angry at her parents, but felt like she shouldn't show it. Instead, Jamie continued to keep her feelings bottled up inside of her.

One day when Jamie was at school, she suddenly started to cry in the middle of math class.

Cast Your Vote!
1. Why do you think Jamie is afraid to tell people how
    she feels?

She doesn't know how to express her anger towards her parents.
She doesn't want to make her parents more upset at a time
        like this.
She doesn't think anyone will understand why she's angry.

2. What do you think Jamie should do next?
Talk to a school counselor for advice on how to deal with her
Write a letter to her parents, telling them how she feels.
Keep her anger to herself, but find ways to deal with it privately,
        such as writing in her journal or going for long walks.

3. What do you think will happen if Jamie never
    expresses her anger towards her parents?

It will lead to more anger in the future, and she might permanently
        damage her relationships with them.
Her anger might come out in other ways, like insulting her friends
        or overeating.
Both of the above.


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