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Science Fair Freak Out!

The day of the big school science fair had finally arrived, and Diana was both nervous and excited. She had been up half the night finishing her Mt. Vesuvius volcano model and couldn't wait to show it off at the fair…she might even win first prize! If she did, her parents would be so proud of her.

As Diana was setting up her volcano, she noticed her friend Alex's project on the
table next to hers. Weeks ago, Alex had

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Furious Fables:
Cast Your Vote!

Science Fair Freak Out!
Flagrant Foul
Bottled Up
asked for her help in creating a scale model of the solar system, and Diana was glad to lend her expertise. He never told her he was going to enter it in the Science Fair! Each planet was painted a different color and the whole thing could rotate on its own. When the time came for the judges to give out the awards, Alex got the blue First Place ribbon. Diana felt crushed.

She thought to herself, "But I worked so hard on my project…and Alex betrayed me by not telling me he was going to give me competition!" The more she thought about it, the angrier she got, with her heart beating faster and faster and her face getting tomato-red. It didn't help that she was feeling cranky from not getting enough sleep. Suddenly, she couldn't stop herself. Diana walked over to Alex's solar system, picked it up, and threw it across the room. When it landed, all the planets broke into pieces.

Diana looked up to see all the students and teachers staring at her…and Alex had started to cry.

Cast Your Vote!
1. Do you think Diana overreacted to not winning the
    Science Fair?

Definitely. Diana has some serious issues!
Yes, but I kind of understand where she was coming from.
No way. I would have done the same thing.

2. How do you think Diana could have handled the
    situation better?

She should have just accepted losing, congratulated Alex, and
        tried to forget about the whole thing.
She should have confronted Alex with her feelings right then
        and there.
She should have gone for a walk to cool off, then talked to Alex
        the next day when she was more calm.

3. What do you think made Diana the most angry?
The feeling that Alex had tricked and betrayed her.
The feeling of disappointment over doing all that work and
        not winning.
A combination of those factors, plus being tired and stressed out.

Next story: Flagrant Foul.


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Go Go Diego!

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