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Ryan Cabrera Ryan Cabrera
At age 21, Ryan Cabrera has come a long way in a short time! Heís gone from playing around with a friendís beat-up guitar back in middle school, to spending months training his singing voice, to exploding onto the music scene with his heartfelt songs. Ryan gave IML the lowdown on where heís at now.

IML: You first started playing guitar when you were in middle school. Did having an artistic outlet help you deal with typical tween growing pains? Did it give you any extra self-confidence?

Ryan: Music has definitely always been a way to communicate and express yourself. It does give you a sense of self-confidence, I still had trouble like everyone else. Like everyone, I wish I had the attitude back then that Iíve learned to have now.

IML: What were you like back then?

Ryan: I was always trouble in school for some reason. I was the guy passing out flyers in the halls trying to get everyone to come to my shows!! Usually the flyers ended up in the trash, though!!!

Ryan Cabrera's album cover IML: How autobiographical are your songs?

Ryan: I write about everything that is going on in my life -- with every record, it'll be about the way I am viewing the world at that time and growing, and relationships and situations I am dealing with.

IML: Do you think it's important for young people to find a positive way to express themselves?

Ryan: It would definitely help if everyone could find their way of positively expressing themselves. I think young people definitely care way too much about impressing others and living to make everyone else happy.

IML: Do you have any role models?

Ryan: Some of my biggest role models are Dave Matthews, Sting, Paul Simon, and Bill Withers.

IML: Is there a particular cause or issue that you feel really passionate about?

Ryan: I think the world would be a much happier place if people just treated others with respect and with love!! I hate watching people who try to act a certain way when itís really not them.

IML: What would people be most surprised to learn about you?

Ryan: I'm just a dorky dude who loves playing music!!

IML: What qualities in a girl do you think are most important?

Ryan: It think itís really important that a girl be confident enough to know what she deserves and doesn't just do anything a dude says.

IML: What do you think youíllbe doing 10 years from now?

Ryan: Hopefully in a tour bus getting ready for my show that night!! And probably laughing at my haircut from ten years earlier (for some reason, that just always happens). Ha ha ha!

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