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Seventeen-year-old Lindsay Lohan played twins in her first movie, The Parent Trap, and both teenage Anna AND her mom in Freaky Friday. Finally, sheís playing just one role, in her latest film Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, but itís a big one, with lots of singing and dancing sequences. Lindsay, who got her start in show business at the age of three, had a blast playing the ďvery dramaticĒ Mary Elizabeth ĎLolaí Cep, and told IML why.

IML: What can you tell us about Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen?

Lindsay: Itís basically about a girl whoís changing schools and trying to fit in at the school. At the same time, sheís trying to follow her dreams of being a singer and an actress and get the lead in the school play.

IML: How much of that did you personally relate to?

Lindsay: A lot of it. Iíve gone through high school Ė- Iíve finished now Ė- and when youíre there, you try to make as many friends as you can. Some girls are very cliquey and it gets difficult at times.

IML: Youíre finished with high school now, right?

Lindsay: Yeah, I went to school until 10th grade and then I got home schooled just because it became difficult leaving and coming back.

IML: When you were in school, were there a lot of cliques there?

Lindsay: I kind of tried to move around to all of them because it would be that much harder for me if I was in certain groups to come back and have some people not be there and then have no one to talk to. I think itís important to be friends with as many people as you can.

IML: Is your personality similar to that of your character, Lola?

Lindsay: Definitely! I donít really like to care what people think, but I do to an extent because I have to. But thatís really the only way that I relate to her. Iím very into fashion, but weíre into different kinds of fashion. Sheís a little more artsy and eccentric than I am.

IML: You have a huge wardrobe in it, donít you?

Lindsay: Yeah I have like 40-something changes. Itís better that way Ďcause you donít get sick of the wardrobe. But I didnít keep any of it because after wearing it so much it was like, ĎI donít want to see this again.í But I did have a few outfits that I liked.

IML: Did you get to choose what you wore?

Lindsay: Yeah, Itís good to have a hand in picking what you wear because you have to feel comfortable with it. Itís you on camera. But you also have to trust what other people are doing because itís their job to make you feel comfortable and theyíve had more experience.

Lindsay Lohan in 'Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen' IML: What was the biggest challenge of this role? Was it the singing and dancing?

Lindsay: Iíve been singing and dancing my whole life so I think the biggest challenge was the character because there are a lot of fantasy sequences and sheís very dramatic. It was tough for me to play that. Thereís a fantasy sequence in which she becomes Marilyn Monroe, which was really cool.

IML: What about the atmosphere on the set? Did you make friends?

Lindsay: I had a great time on the set. The director and I got along and Alison Pill and I and Eli [Marienthal] and Adam [Garcia]. It was really fun to be able to work with people my age because I never really got to do that before.

IML: You got to work with two cute guys in the movie. Was that fun?

Lindsay: Itís a situation where my character is just infatuated with Adamís band (Adam plays Stu, the singer) and his songs are really touching and moving. But she has a crush on Eliís character, Sam. Itís fun. Eventually Iíd like to do a full-on romantic comedy. Thatís always fun for people to watch.

IML: In Freaky Friday you co-starred with Jamie Lee Curtis but youíre carrying Confessions on your shoulders alone. Is that scary at all?

Lindsay: Itís nerve-wracking but itís exciting to see that I can actually do my own movie. To be able to do this, no matter what people think of it, is a really surreal feeling.

IML: You sang in Freaky Friday but you do a lot more in Confessions.

Lindsay: Yeah, I have four songs on the soundtrack and Iím going to be meeting with labels in the next few months. Iím still working with Emilio Estefan but Iím also meeting with other people as well.

IML: Can you tell us about some of the movies you have coming up, like Mean Girls?

Lindsay: Mean Girls is really exciting. Itís a step up from this movie. Itís a little bit older in a different way. Itís a dark comedy. In it, my character has never been to school, so she doesnít know what to expect. She gets thrown in to this one clique and tries to take this girl down whoís done a lot of mean things to people. But in the process she ends up becoming like that. She becomes mean herself, and doesnít realize it.

IML: What do you like to do on your time off?

Lindsay: I see my friends! I go shopping, go to movies, go to lunch and that kind of thing, like anybody else.

IML: Do you play sports?

Lindsay: No. Iím lazy!

IML: We heard that youíre really passionate about charity work.

Lindsay: I am! I work with a few charities. I work with Teens Against Cancer, Make a Wish, Children Uniting Children. A bunch of them. I want to eventually open my own charity for underprivileged and abused children. Itís something Iíve always wanted to do.

IML: Why do you think itís important to get involved in helping others?

Lindsay: I think when youíre in a position where you can help other people and show people that you care and that youíre not just taking this for granted, like your career and stuff, you should do it, as much as you can. You should give back. Because then maybe other people will, you know what I mean?

IML: Absolutely. Youíre a role model for a lot of kids. What kind of feedback do you get?

Lindsay: They ask how Iím doing, they say they love my work and they love the movies. They make me feel really good and make me feel like what Iím doing is productive.

IML: What about your own role models? Who do you admire?

Linday: Audrey Hepburn, Jodie Foster, and Julia Roberts.

IML: How about guys? We hear youíd love to co-star with Tom Cruise. Who else?

Lindsay: I love George Clooney, Jack Nicholson, and Anthony Hopkins.

IML: What about music?

Lindsay: Madonna, Celine Dion. I love Pat Benatar. The Rolling Stones.

IML: How do you find time for your music when youíre doing one movie after another?

Lindsay: Singing is something I want to do and I want to wait until the time is right. I want to find the exact style I want to do.

IML: What are you leaning toward?

Lindsay: Hip-hop rock.

IML: Do you think youíll be an actress your whole life, or are there other things youíre interested in doing?

Lindsay: The only thing I want to focus on other than acting is singing and dancing.

Lindsay and her mom IML: Do you ever feel that you missed out on anything by starting to work so young?

Lindsay: Not really. My parents have pretty much handled me the right way. My mom has led me in the right direction, and made sure I was grounded and was in school when I needed to be and I think thatís important.

IML: What advice do you have for other young people whoíd like to be in show business?

Lindsay: Surround yourself with good people, have fun, and keep a good head on your shoulders.

IML: Good luck with everything, Lindsay!

Lindsay: Thank you! Bye!

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