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What do you think is the best part about playing on a team?

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I would love to play a team sport, since I'm a really physically active person, but no one is willing to coach or help me improve because I'm "too old". (I'm in ninth grade.) If I actually join a team to try and improve my game, I always get ridiculed and everyone ends up hating me, just because I'm not a very good player. I guess I'm in a lose/lose situation.


I love playing hockey with my teammates!

ya i play lacrosse too i luv it (p.s. lill24 is my sis)

I've been on a volleyball team ever since I was in 4th grade (on varsity all years). I am now in 12th grade!! :)

i play lacrosse and its SUPER fun! i think the best part is playing with your friends.

ok I have no idea why but I loooovvveeee having friends in my secret box because I actually have no friends in real life.

Polonsky,when I was younger I played in a soccer club called : Minnesota Youth Football Club.And as you see, I live in America.Though I've been to the UK, beautiful place, you're lucky.

@Stena98, I couldn't agree more.

I'm on the pre-olympic team for volleyball. Make sure you watch for me on olympics 2016! :)

oh,my fav. team sport is snowball fight u can throw balls at people and they get out and it is really fun

i play on bulldogs and it is fun.

well when i have p.e. some girls dont play but sometimes it super fun usually when we play baseball i always have to hit at boy on their stuff and then i forget about the game and just stand there just saying sorry :)

I love soccer. Sports are a great way to get exercise or just for fun!

my favorite team sport is "capture the flag

Brittnee-I am on the local teen rowing team. Ca-lie-lah-I do cheerleading and gynastics.

Fencing is NOT a team sport!!! There is no cooperation or teamwork involved. You compete BY YOURSELF! Therefeore, it is not a team sport. You may be part of a fencing "team" but that does not make it a team sport. Fencing is about individual achievements. Basketball is a perfect example of a team sport. Practically everything done in basketball is done with the help of your team. You have to collaborate with your teammates to succeed. When you're fencing, you do it alone, which makes it an INDIVIDUAL sport.

I think the best part of playing as a team is you ha peapol to encorage you

i think that you cooperate and just have fun

i recently got back from school.i was playing in-door all girls volleyball for my middle school team.im not on the team yet,but soon i think i will.my coach says he will let anyone be on the team if they come on time,to all the practices,and tries their best.thats what i try to do.most of the girls are people i already know,therefore my friends.its the summer so the gym is extra hot,but i drink alot of water.i love being on a team because you get to be with your friends,doing something you love!!!also,if u think your not doing so well,the'll try to help you out.being on the vollyball team is hard work,but it pays off.out first game is on the third day of the first week of skool,and im really excited!!!i jus know that with my teammates,we will do our best!!!! :D

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